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Mar 2, 2009 07:19 AM

Columbia SC - Colonial Center - Casual Dinner

I will be in Columbia SC on 3/5 for the basketball game versus Tennessee. Looking for a casual and fairly quick dinner near the arena before the game. Must be within walking distance and easy to locate (not familiar with the area at all). Any type of food is ok. Thanks.

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  1. Monterrey Mexican on Senate St. is decent. There is a Damon's also on Senate - mediocre pub type food but fun atmosphere.

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    1. re: Eatin in Woostah

      I'm sorry but I must object. Monterrey is complete crap. It is a bad, bad, bad: stereotypical, bland, processed, generic, gloopy, and so out of touch with any notion of concern for what food should be. It is the opposite of what chowhound is about. I've never been to Damon's.

      The thing is, there is nothing right up against the Colonial Center. Monterrey and Damon's are a couple of blocks away. Just two blocks further away, at the corner of College and Main, is Hunter Gatherer. They brew their own beer and have good food (especially the specials on the blackboard). That would be my recommendation.