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Mar 2, 2009 07:11 AM

Anyone been to ZamZam World Foods Market (Phx)?

Just saw an ad for Zam Zam World Market (located at 40th & McDowell). I believe it's relatively new. Says it also has a restaurant in it (called Z-Grill).

Has anyone been there yet? How does it compare to Lee Lee or Mekong -- in size, amount of product, etc.? I'll check it out this upcoming weekend, but I'd be interested if anyone has been there yet.

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  1. Much smaller than either Lee Lee or Mekong. It's basically a neighborhood market with a Middle Eastern emphasis. It seems to be catering to the significant Somali / East African population along McDowell. It has a good selection of dry goods (bulghur, rice, canned goods, etc.), but when I went the produce was all in pretty sad shape. The "restaurant" is really more like a deli counter in the back, although it could be good. I didn't try any of the prepared food.

    Zam Zam World Foods
    1638 N 40th St, Phoenix, AZ

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