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Mar 2, 2009 05:22 AM

Cube 63 recent disappointment

I've always liked Cube 63 though I haven't been in a long time. When they first opened I was blown away and though them to be superior to the nearby Osaka. I went in this weekend and was so so so disappointed. I ordered among other dishes ( which were fine, even good) a sashimi platter that was the saddest most uninspired plate I've ever ordered, and for $18 I was a bit po'ed. The size of the sashimi cuts were easily 1/2 of what I'm used to either at Cube 63 or anywhere else. The fish was fresh enough and tasty but the portions were obviosuly feeling th recession. Bummer. I'll never go back.

Don't get me wrong, I know y sushi and I'm not expecting Peter Luger size portions but this was ridiculous.

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  1. My boyfriend and I went this weekend too (Friday nite) and had an excellent time at the sushi bar - between Ken, the sushi chef, and his sushi, we thought everything was top notch, yet again. He even made us his own special crab roll, which was delicious.

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    1. re: ShanDeez

      I love their rolls. The other night was just sashimi, and it was -tiny-.

      1. re: Larry Brooks

        I have find that Hibino's sashimi plate is excellent and generously portioned without being gross (like Osaka). I was also extremely impressed with the sashimi plate that I had at Ki when I ate their for the first time. My gripe with Ki is that they serve Blue Fin tuna, which is delicious, but is akin to serving Rhinocerous as the fish are endangered.

        Also, WTF with how Ki will not serve you a bottle of the expensive sake and will only serve it to you in bamboo "carafes" of differing sizes. It is not even like they pour your expensive sake into the carafe at the table so that you can be sure of what you are getting.

        1. re: deepyarn

          I disagree with you on Hibino and Osaka. The food is good at the former, but their portions were very small. For the latter, what’s so gross about it? Maybe bigger portions, which we don’t mind the least bit, but not gross. We ate their last weekend and it was some of the best take out we’ve had in quite a while.

          1. re: MShapiro

            I think hugely oversized rolls are gross too. which is why we stopped going to Osaka.

            love hibino.

            1. re: Nehna

              We have enjoyed Osaka over the years, but last time we went it was just gross (not size related). Didn't feel it was fresh at all. Much prefer Ki and Hibino in the neighborhood.

              1. re: jdf

                Of all the times I've been to Osaka I've never once left wondering about the quality of their food. Koto on Henry has become our second choice in the area.