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Mar 2, 2009 04:04 AM

DFW - Salvadoran Restaurants - DFW

For those of you living in the DFW metroplex I am trying to find all of the Salvadoran places. This includes Tarrant, Denton, Collin, Rockwall, Dallas, and Kaufman counties.

I already know where all the following restaurants are:

Escobars in Irving
Market Latina in Irving
Glorias on Davis (and all the rest of them - I do not need to know where all the Glorias are)

I am looking for any size restaurant, truck, convenience store, or person selling them in a parking lot.

I am just looking to try out some other places no matter the drive to determine the best. The restaurant can have anything from papusas to full dinner plates (fried yucca with carnitas). I am not picky about neighborhood just want good food. If you could include the location and phone number I would appreciate it so I can call for hours. If not a general location is fine.

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  1. Here is just what I have found in Irving (running from east to west, south to north):
    Market Latina II – 204 S. Nursery Rd – 972-445-1616 (just to the north and east of Fiesta along Nursery)

    Market Latina – 901 E Irving Blvd – 972-445-0216 (across the street from the west end of the Fiesta anchored shopping at Nursery and Irving Blvd)

    Escobars - 1111 W Airport Frwy - 972-258-0026 (I believe the first Salvadoran place in Irving at NWC of MacArthur and 183)

    El Salvador Restaurant – 1910 W Irving Blvd – 972-259-8059 (in the old Sizzler Steakhouse place just southwest of Pioneer and Irving Blvd

    Market Latina – 1625 N Story Rd – 972-399-0836 (inside Plymouth Park Shopping Center across from empty Fazio’s


    El Salvador Restaurant Grill and Papuseria – 1812 N Story Rd – 972-871-9001 (Across from Crockett Middle School in the old KFC space just south of 183) – not so sure if this place is still open

    Antojitos Salvadorenos – 2121 W Rochelle Rd – 972-554-1895 (just around the corner from the USPS on Rochelle and William Brewster – close to Southern Recipe)

    Tio Carlos – 4070 N Belt Line Rd – 972-252-7200 (SEC of Belt Line and Walnut Hill – same shopping center as Temptations and Po Melvin’s)

    1. El Salvadoreno in McKinney is really good. Take 75 to Hwy 5 and go east. It's in an old converted house in the old converted part of town. They don't have a website and while I've seen a phone in the place I'm not sure it works. GuideLive had a review for them but it's been a while, you might look there for more specific directions.

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          There's a pupuseria in Richardson on Arapaho between Nantucket and Floyd (across the street from Taco Bell). One person told me it was not good, but it was somebody I doubt had ever had a pupusa before. Do give us reviews if you are going to hit all these places.

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            I meant to say between Nantucket and Custer.

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              Ate here and I thought it wasn't all that good... EXCEPT for the fried yuca. Well, it was the first fried yuca I've tried but it was better than most french fries I've ever eaten. I've also had mashed yuca at Fogo and that was delicious.

              Carne Asada wasn't very seasoned and was cooked to death. The Chicharrons (cut in cubes) were tastier but equally fried/dried to death. No one thought it was bad but it wasn't good. Pupusa's had the same problem of seasoning and lack of flavors.

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            I've driven by that place many times and wondered about it. I'll have to try it out. Thanks for the tip!

            Any menu item you like in particular?


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              Without trying the dinner options I will not say. I will say that I normally hate buffets because of the quality of food and the little kid syndrom of fingering dishes.

              From the buffet I thought the papa relleno con queso was well balanced and light, not so heavy on the accompaning sauce. The arroz con mariscos was my favorite of the buffet as all the seafood was perfectly cooked (musels not gritty and very fresh, squid not rubbery, shrimp not rubbery, and I picked out the imitation crab). The tamales pisques (black bean) were very good but after a sample plate from the buffet it proved too copious in size. The papusa revuelta (pork with cheese) was decent and could not find any curtido (typical accompaniment cabbage slaw) on the buffet. This fact and the fact the service is spotty as I had to assk for my water to be refilled were my only complaints. The black beans were a bit watery but definitely lighter than the Mexican counterpart. It was a great well rounded buffet and freshly prepared by an excellent chef (not sure if that is still Mrs. Garcia). I think it was very generous for the price. I would rather eat here over say Golden Corral on Belt Line for the lunch buffet.

              Todays Buffet Included: (I am missing a few dishes)
              arroz con frijol (black bean)
              arroz con mariscos
              beef empanada
              papa relleno con queso
              platanos fritos (fried plantains)
              relleno de plantano (plantain fritter)
              spaghetti dish
              mac and cheese (not you typical Kraft)
              about 3 guisos de puerco (verde, verde con jalapeno, and rojo)
              3 guisos de carne (same as above)
              guiso de mollejas de pollo (chicken gizzard)
              guiso de corazones de pollo (chicken hearts)
              sopa de menudo (intestine soup)
              sopa de mariscos (seafood soup)
              tamales pisques (black bean tamale)
              tamales con pollo (chicken tamale)
              dessert bar
              small salad bar

              El Slavador stocks four (4) approximately fifteen foot (15') long buffet lines two with hot dishes (above) and one dessert and one salad/relish bar.

              Sidenote: I also posted on your post of a cuisines iconic dish here on Chowhound

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                LH -

                Great answer, as always!


          3. Today for lunch I had the buffet at El Salvador in Irving it is in the old Little Cesar's Pizza location (not the Sizzler as stated abover) and when GuideLive wrote them up (7 years ago) they only had an eight table dining area. Now the place has grown to 300+ seats and the kitchen takes up the space of the whole former restaurant.


            While I am waiting to give a full report on the place I will say the buffet was one of the best buffet I have had in a very long while. The owner (Mr. Jose Garcia) spoke to me for a few minutes and said that the food is freshly prepared each morning. Whatever they are doing they are doing it correct! They had an arroz con mariscos (typically I shy away) all bits of the seafood were perfect and not rubbery, rare in Dallas. I will leave it at that and let you guys get after this place. It is in an overlooked part of Irving (Pioneer and Irving Blvd), but well worth it for lunch. All the typical Salvadoran favorites are on the buffet and even some I had never seen (papa relleno and arroz con mariscos). Tab came out to $8.65 with tax and I had water.

            1. There are two at the corner of Webb Chapel and Beltline in Carrollton. Lucia's Cocina on Webb Chapel is Salvadoran, Mexican, and Tex-Mex. It's full service. I ate there maybe 6 months ago. I had a shrimp dish that was good, but that's all I remember. On Webb Chapel is a little place called Mama Tita Pupsas. It looks pretty bare bones.

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                Mama Tia pupasas is pretty bare bones but the pupusas are really good. I always stop in and get a couple when in the area.

              2. Pupuseria Salvadorena @ 118 S Beltline in Mesquite is quite wonderful. The mariscada (fish soup) is really something to behold. Dirt cheap, very plain environment. And it would help to bring who speaks Spanish.

                They do an odd thing with their menu. They also have an Italian section. It's not necessarily authentic. But how can you go wrong with their mussels and shrimp over pasta. Muy deliciouso.