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Mar 2, 2009 12:50 AM

Where to find Moroccan wine in NYC?

I moved to Manhattan from Marrakesh a little over a month ago and I'm becoming increasingly worried that it won't be nearly as easy as I thought it would be to find Moroccan wine in town. Granted, I've mostly only searched in my local liquor and wine stores in Chelsea/Meatpacking thus far.

Is there a better neighborhood or even just one store that stocks the larger Moroccan names (Cuvee President, S de Siroua, Ksar, etc.)? Actually, I'd be happy with pretty much anything as long as it's from the Maghreb. Even though I'm not Moroccan and only lived there for a few years, I'm feeling intensely homesick for the place of late... A little vin du pays would go a long way toward salving that.

I know that it has to be available -somewhere- in New York since I've found instances of some of the more swish Moroccan vintages in Minneapolis' higher end wine shops. If it's getting to MSP, it's probably coming through here en route!

While I'm here I'd also love it if someone could advise me as to where the best poulet citron [preserved lemon, chicken and olive] tajine can be found. I'm also very curious to discover where "little Morocco" may be if there is such a thing. While I'm open to suggestions of mid to high end restaurants, I'm most interested in finding an area that contains a number of small, unpretentious hole in the wall joints if there is such a place.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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  1. hi...try Astor Wines (on Lafayette)...not sure their current stock, but i used to get a Moroccan wine from them regularly a few years ago...

    Cafe Mogador serves a decent chicken w/ preserved lemon and olive (though it won't be as intensely flavorful as the ones you've prob had in Morocco or France)...

    1. I just saw two the other day at Astor---Trois Domaines Guerrouane, red and white. You can also get a wine called Syrocco at 67 Wine or Garnet---a really excellent Moroccan syrah made by the celebrated Rhone winemaker Alain Graillot.

      1. The best Moroccan restaurant in NYC - in my opinion - is La Maison du Couscous in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. As you can imagine, it's nowhere as good as those you'll find in Marrakech, but it's pretty tasty. There's a small Moroccan community out there, but it's muslim and you won't find wines.

        Ditto the Moroccan community in Astoria, which is centered around Steinway Street. A couple of food shops and restaurants, but nothing of merit. (I have liked Jour et Nuit, but I heard that they went downhill or may have even closed.) Again, no wine, but you might find items from home.

        You'll probably do better on the Outer Boroughs board looking for Moroccan food and the such. And Grand Liquors on 30th in Astoria stocks a wide variety of wines from random places - I've purchased Armenian and Indian wine there in the past, they may be able to help you (or at least order you some).

        Lastly, and I'm sure it's not much of a consolation, but you can find Casablanca, and to a somewhat lesser extent, Flag beer around town. (The beer distributor on Chrystie had Casablanca this past weekend, for instance.)

        1. Give a call to Grand Liquor Store in Astoria. I remember seeing wines from all over the world there a few weeks ago..wines that I had never seen anywhere else..from countries that Idid not even know produced wine. (Peru??)

          They may have a few from Maroc.

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            I've bought Moroccan wine from Grand Liquor before...they definitely have it, and at a couple different price points.

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              That is the best store for off-the-beaten path wines in the city. I don't know that they're all good, but the selection they have is just sick.

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