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Mar 1, 2009 11:40 PM

How's the food at Magnan in Pointe-St-Charles?

I've heard of it since I was a wee one in the oh-so-good-it's-a-sin 80s and walked by it many many times.

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  1. I only go there for the roast beef. Very, very good.

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    1. re: Jonquilles

      It used to be THE place to go for roast beef (and all the rest was good too), especially when women weren't allowed in ;-)

      The last few times I've been, the quality has gone down and down so I won't even go back unless someone can chime in and confirm that quality has risen.

    2. It's been a year since I've been but last time, the roast beef was fantastic for me.


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      1. re: derekg

        I was there last summer and the roast beef was as good as ever. Everything else was ordinary though - not bad, just ordinary. So if you go there, just go for the roast beef.

        1. re: derekg

          Magnon is best during there Lobster festival season... they also make a very yummy roast beef

        2. Some people recommended the beef ribs and we went just for that.
          Not too many places with beef ribs on the menu.
          It would've been good had I been prepared for a very sweet finishing sauce (kinda like the ribs at the very long defunct Le Villegois in Alexis Nihon, where Zellers is now). Next time I'd ask if they can grill them up plain with steak spice...

          As you can see, some swear by the roast beef, but I haven't tried. The wife describes the place as old-man brasserie, but it is a local institution with a big following. They also do regular 'festival' type things (festival des huitres, crevettes, scampi, homard, etc).

          Its the kind of place that you have to try yourself then decide. Realize that it is a brasserie type place and rowdy on hockey nights.

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          1. re: porker

            I went to Magnan's once for roast beef at lunch, & was unimpressed. But I have meaning to try their roast beef again, to give them another chance(maybe lunch time is not best time to try their roast beef, as it's a very chaotic).

            1. re: porker

              Have you checked out the beef ribs at The Main(the smoked meat establishment)? Just noticed it. Wonder if it's good, & how do they prepare it.

              1. re: BLM

                No I haven't.
                I posted on another thread as how we stopped in The Main about 20 years ago. We weren't happy for various reasons and haven't been back.
                That last time really erased any desire to return, but it pops up on the board from time to time and I always have a gander at the facade as we pass by.

                They advertise charcoal grill, so I'm assuming thats how they would do ribs.
                Perhaps its a time to give it another go. When we do, I'll check out the ribs as well as the smoked meat.

                1. re: porker

                  The beef ribs are indeed very good. Very meaty, nice tangy sauce (not too sweet like alot of places).

                  What happened at The Main to keep you away 20 years? I love the place. Great burgers, latkes, grilled liver, steaks, & smoked meat, too.

                  1. re: Shattered

                    Like I tell the wife, I'm reading various good things about The Main here on CH. The problem, 20 years ago, was that we found it smelled like a cross between kitty litterbox and mothballs.
                    This doesn't build confidence in returning...

                    1. re: porker

                      Perhaps the scent has changed over 20 years. Boy, you sure hold a grudge. ;-)

                      1. re: kpzoo

                        That was pretty funny!
                        I know, I know it sounds ridiculous, but its a mental thing. Like I say, its time to give er a go again.

                        1. re: porker

                          Porker, I like the Main well enough, and will eat there, but I wouldn't go in with the highest expectations. It is good food, but not what I would call memorable. You will get a solid meal there, large quantities for a reasonable price, and good home style cooking. I like going in there when everything else is closed, but it would not be my first choice for a regular meal. I leave there full and satisfied, but nothing really makes me say "I must eat that again soon".

                          Now the one exception, when I have a cold, it is a very easy place to get matzoh ball soup, and I like the matzoh balls. It is a major comfort food, and it really helps that they are open all the time. I now associate their soup with cold relief.

            2. I used to go there 30 years ago and it was great for roast beef. But when I got back to Montreal a couple of days before Christmas, I went for lunch with a cousin. I must say that I wasn't overly impressed. It's like they are coasting on their rep.
              My cousin says that he goes because it has become a tradition.
              I also found it a tad over priced.

              My 2 cents.