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Mar 1, 2009 10:01 PM

Vancouver Date Restaurant?

Hey all. Coming to town next week and would like to find a nice restaurant to take a date. Any recommendations? Prefer a nice restaurant, quiet atmosphere with $20-ish entrees. I prefer local, fresh ingredients and thoughtful (not necessarily fussy) preparations.


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  1. Vita Bella in Burnaby is a nice choice. Good food, reasonably priced and pretty romantic. I've been there several times now and the food is good. Occasionally you may get a slow server but all in all it's pretty good. The chef is the owner and he does all the cooking himself. The mussels and smoke duck is really good.

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      Perhaps the new La Buca 2 will be open (formerly Parkside). Give them a call:

      The restaurant was recalibrated (and thus renamed) for the downward trending economy but has the same management, kitchen, etc.

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      1. Where are you staying, Jay?

        1. Pair Bistro is an excellent neighbourhood restaurant in Kitsilano. Expertly prepared local organic food is served by a friendly, professional staff in a cozy, comfortably chic, bustling, yet quietly subdued room. Highly recommended.

          1. I just had an awesome lunch at Market at the Shangri-la. Fantastic deal - two courses and dessert for $28. Make a reservation because the word is out, and it was packed! The food is first rate, some of the best I've ever had. I seem to think their dinner entrees are in the $20 range. Extremely reasonable for the caliber of food. Fun hotel to browse through, then go next door to Urban Fare market to gawk at all the awesome food they carry.