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Mar 1, 2009 09:37 PM

Moonside Bakery, Half Moon Bay

We stopped in just to find a bite to eat and instead got a wonderful introduction to their oven and the baker, Thomas Grauke. Driving along the main street looking to a place to eat, and seeing a line out the door convinced us to stop. All I can say is that I want t o go back and try more.

We had the pesto chicken sandwich, the cajun chicken sandwich, the salmon burger, a sourdough roll, a small plain pizza, a chef's salad (doesn't count because the person who ordered it violated his word and did NOT order the pizza as promised, but it did come with a chewy flat bread, a about 8 various cookies. The breads were all outstanding. I mean outstanding. The salmon burger came on a a sesame seeded beautiful roll that was moist and chewy. The pesto sandwich looked like a potato bread, while the cajun sandwich seemed to have the same flat bread-pita as came with the salad. We muched through the sourdough roll as we waited for the sandwiches which set my alarms runningas it was just perfect. A perfect slash that exposed a perfect bloom of dough...mottled sour blisters, just enough sour to make you sit up and intense fermented billowy dough with a crispy crust. The pizza also vanished as we waited.

I liked most of the cookies but the Half Moon was delicious as was the orange almond and the pecan tea cookie.

She_Who-Must-Be-Obeyed wouldn't let me go back and get some rye bread or a selection of pastries....saying I had already consumed my calorie limit. Sigh...just means I gotta go back.

Well worth the stop and load up on bread that is worth eating.

Moonside Bakery & Cafe
604 Main St, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

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  1. Nice report. 6 yrs ago, I used to go there every week when I worked in HMB, and loved everything, but when I was there last month, the selection and quality of pastries seemed different, somehow, like there was a change in ownership(?). Glad to hear things were good for you.

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      I agree with Claudette. I have grown up in HMB and still currently live there. There are many great places to dine and wonderful coffee shops and other places that are great for locals and tourists to explore. One of the places I use to visit a lot (on a weekly basis with my father) is Moonside Bakery. While they had great sweets,baked goods,and coffee, I also enjoyed their menu items. I especially like their salads. They use to have their kitchen open until later in the afternoon. I had not been into the Moonside bakery for a while and recently I attempted 2 times in about 2 weeks time to stop in and grab a small salad to go for lunch. I was disappointed to find they already closed their kitchen. Both times, it was still a few hours before they closed. Still a time when people would be looking to dine for lunch, and not just sweets and baked goods. I agree with Claudette as it seems like things are just not the same. I guess I will have to look elsewhere for my salad.

      1. re: HMBGIRL

        New Leaf supermarket has a kale salad that is amazingly delicious, and I don't even particularly like kale and/or raw greens.