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Mar 1, 2009 08:14 PM

Best Armenia and Persian Makets,

I would love to find some very good Armenia and Persian markets in
the San Fernando Valley. I'm looking at making some different thanks
and would like to try some of their produce.

Thank you for your time

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  1. For Persian there's Q Market on Vanowen and... um... White Oak, I think, or maybe Balboa.

    Armenian -- Jons Market carries a lot of Armenian stuff, or Super King in Glendale, or Karabagh Meat Market on Victory in Van Nuys, or Blackjack on Sherman Way and Bellaire in NoHo.

    Is there particular produce you're looking for?

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      I mainly like to try new and different produce.

      I really am looking for greens, meleons, different tomatoes, and maybe grains.

      I'm so tired of the usual junk at the supermarket and I'm not happy at whole foods. I don't know of any great farmers markets in the SFV either.

      Thank you for the help

      1. re: Dayote

        The better farmers markets in the Valley are Studio City and Encino, both Sunday mornings. If you live in the East Valley you're not too far from the huge Hollywood market on Sundays either.

        It is just barely the new growing season though. Melons are summer fruit so you've got 4-5 months, but vegetables are always available, and citrus is now, and avocadoes beyond just Hass, green garlic and the first strawberries of the year...

    2. The market I am recommending is not Persian but they have the best selection of fresh and unusual ethnic ingredients from all over the world I have seen under one roof....mostly Middle Eastern . Everything you would ever need for any Persian or Armenian recipe is there. It is Cambridge Farms on Burbank west of Laurel Canyon. When I lived in Santa Monica I would go to Tehran Market on Wilshire near 14th. Also good but about a tenth the size of Cambridge Farms.

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      1. re: delishdonna

        I live fairly close to Cambridge Farms, and must disagree as to the quality. The store was sold around 2 or so years ago from what i heard, and it has not been the same since - good variety, but poor quality. And the quality of the produce at Jon's on Laurel Canyon & Magnolia or the one on Van Nuys Blvd, around Vanowen is not any better. Actually, the Gelson's Laurel Canyon or Van nuys Blvd. locations have very good product, not inexpensive nor deep in varieties, yet is the best in that part of the valley. The WFM in Woodland Hills, maybe porter ranch as well, has good produce, but the two in sherman oaks leave a lot to hope for. The stores are just too small to have the variety. Try the WFM in Glendale for what you are looking for in the way of Armenian items - might be better.

      2. The BEST market I've been to that comes close to homemade cooking is Old Fashion Deli in Glendale off of Cañada Blvd. The best salads (eggplant, bean, olivier, etc), marinated meats (chicken, beef, lamb), and prepared dishes (dolmas, ghormet sabzi, gheyme pollo, etc) you can get at really reasonable prices. They also have some great produce and seasonings if you're making things yourself.

        Old Fashion Deli
        2519 Canada Blvd
        Glendale, CA 91208
        (818) 241-5424‎

        FYI, they are moving soon up the street and over to Verdugo Rd. across the street from Glorietta Park to a much larger place that will have a dining area.

        1. The best Armenian market that has really good and fresh produce is Olive Fresh in North Hollywood. I agree with the other posters about Cambridge Farms and Jon's - lousy produce. Olive Fresh not only has great produce, but a wonderful meat counter with really good meats - the small young free range chickens can't be beat! They also have a wonderful bakery....

          Olive Fresh Garden Marketplace
          12521 Oxnard St
          North Hollywood, CA 91606

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          1. re: Moose

            The babka at the Olive Fresh Marketplace bakery is notable. It's actually sold across the aisle from the bakery glass counter.

            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              Thank you all so much for all the help.

              I really need this. It is all saveing me alot of time.

              Das Uber,

              Tell me more about the green garlic. I have never tried or used that.

              Which farmers market or farmer do you get it from and how much does it cost?

              Thank you all

              1. re: Dayote

                I live in Orange County, so I get it at the weekly Saturday farmers' market across the street from UC Irvine. Green garlic is basically very young garlic -- it has green tops like scallions, and the cloves have not yet separated with the "paper" between them. You can use the scapes (the green part) as well as the young bulbs. It is less pungent than mature garlic and is very, very good in things like stir-fries. Cost is usually around 25c-50c each, depending on the vendor and the market (Santa Monica is much more expensive than Irvine; Irvine is more expensive than Anaheim, etc.)


          2. Golden Farms market
            6501 San Fernando Rd., Glendale, CA, 91201 | (818) 242-9220

            Glendale has one, if not, the highest concentration of Armenians in California. I called my Armenian friend who lived in Glendale on where his family shopped. He said Golden farms is the largest but he said there were other Armenian markets in the area. He lived near Hoover high school. Check out the website It lists Armenian businesses.