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Where can I find pulled pork/coleslaw sandwiches?

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I have had such a craving for spicy/tangy BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw right in the sandwich- any places in or near Pasadena? I live in Highland Park but I doubt there'd be any in my hood. Good bread is also a must- no puny buns please. I like 'em solid;)

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  1. The Pig (612 N. La Brea Ave., (323) 935-1116), makes an acceptable pulled pork sandwich. Probably not the best in town, but it will probably do in a fix. (And if you like pecan pie, their version is excellent.)

    1. I didn't try the pulled pork sandwich but everything we have had at Zeke's, including several varieties of the bbq sauce and the cole slaw were really good. It's in Montrose, not too great a distance from Highland Park.

      1. I second Zeke's in Montrose!

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          Professor Salt

          I think the pulled pork sandwich is the best thing on the menu at Smokin' Mo's BBQ in Huntington Beach. If you make it down from Highland Park, do give it a try.

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            I'm with you Professor, Smoke'n Moes sandwich is very good. They have excellent garlic fries and not much else.

          2. ahh, something I know about. Zeke's in montrose - I ride motorcycles almost every week @ the crest and the trip is not complete without a pulled pork delight. collared greens are not on the meun, but they have em' and they are great. homemade potato chips and apple sauce are also outstanding sides as are the sweet potato fries. not cheap, but worth it, imo.

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              So do they put coleslaw on their sandwiches.

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                I have to agree with Kurt on this one. We LOVE the pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw at Zeke's. We live in Silver Lake and make that quick trip up the 2 often. In fact just the other day my man brought home a pulled pork sandwich and some Kansas City spare ribs for us to share and it was one hell of a dinner! The beans are out of this world too. And super close to Highland Park!

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                  sorry, yes they do. they will also do just about any custom sort of thing you would want. Tell the owner Leonard that Kurt says hi!

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                    They should be opening by month end at Santa Monica & La Brea in the new Target center for those not willing to drive to Montrose.

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                      what about stewed pigs ear sandwich on Wonder bread. Can I get this stuff in LA? Anyone can make a pulled pork sandwich. Now a pig ear sandwich soaked with Tabasco sauce topped off w/ fruit punch and a slice of pecan pie... that's to die for.

                2. re: Kurt

                  We went with high expectations but were met with overpriced cafeteria fare. Not good at all! The decor is thrown together in a MOD sort of way. Very disjointed. No warmth. Seated at a table with slop all over it. Had to wait for a while for someone to come back and clean it up.

                3. Zeke's in Montrose. If they don't put it on the sammich (I really think they do, though), they willif you ask. Great meat; good sauces to choose from.

                  Link: http://www.la.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/...

                  1. Not in the SGV, but if you're in Brea check out Lucille's. Even my BBQ-nazi BF from So. Carolina will eat their pulled-pork/coleslaw sandwich. Of course, he brings his own sauce.

                    The most authentic on the planet? No. But moist, and quite tasty!

                    Link: http://www.lucillesbbq.com/

                    1. Oinkster on Colorado is close, cheap and AWESOME.

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                        While I love the Oinkster's burgers and fries, I really didn't like their pulled pork sandwich. To be fair, it's a vinegary type pulled pork and slaw (Carolina?) and I prefer a sweet bbq and creamy coleslaw.

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                          2 each his own. My own coleslaw is of the creamy buttermilk variety, but for a sandwich I want sharp slaw, and I do not like sweet barbecue. Or sweet food in general. So it's good that we both know where and where not to go...

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                              I've quite enjoyed the pulled pork at Oinkster. I did not think, however, that their pastrami sandwich was nearly as good.

                        2. Like JW2008 said, Oinkster in Eagle Rock. That is not very far from you at all. I was there for lunch yesterday but had something else.. but also saw they served the pulled pork just like you are asking for.

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                            I imagine that Tokyotoastgirl found a pulled pork sandwich in the last 5 plus years since she posted that... ;-D>

                          2. Good pulled pork at "Johnny Rebs". Have it served with sauce on the side as some times they over do it.