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Mar 1, 2009 07:20 PM

Yes, Boise is in the Pacific NW [Moved from PNW board]

It's the third largest city after Seattle and Portland. I moved to Boise in early 05. Lot's of restaurants have closed in the past 4 years. More have closed than have opened. There is a dearth of great restaurants here. I live downtown and spend most of my time downtown. I write about what I know about. I am a breakfast person. There are two outstanding breakfast places here. The first one is Addie's. It's on the corner of 5th and Main. They have a very solid standard menu including scrambles, a large breakfast burrito and they will substitute anything for you. There are somethings the cooks make which are not on the menu. One of them is the Chuckles. It begins with hashbrowns, then cheddar, add butterflied link sausages, eggs how you like them, and it gets buried in a bacon based roux. It's fantastic. They changed their coffee lately and it went from a bland basic to more of a french roast with a little kick. It's not a full french roast however, it just has a hint. The service is always solid. There seems to be an army of kids in there with a coffee pot in hand. It seems like every couple of minutes someone is by to top off your cup. I eat there twice a month probably.

The other outstanding breakfast place in downtown Boise is the Red Feather Lounge. It's a bar at night and it shares a kitchen with the Bittercreek Ale House next door. It's on Eighth between Bannock and Idaho on the east side. I love this restaurant. It's cozy and polished. The food is way above par and the atmosphere is an nice mix of brick loft and modern glass with great lighting. Their breakfast menu is not extensive but the few things they do are really great. The offer a breakfast burrito which is the right size... meaning not too gigantic; green eggs and ham, which is a wonderful pesto ham scramble; the breakfast pizza, which is my least favorite. I've odered it once and probably won't again. It's just too much starch early in the morning; and their huevos rancheros are the best I've found in Boise. They usually offer a quiche special and a couple of my friends really love the veggie hash. I never order it. I've tasted it, it's just not my thing. I'm writing this on a Sunday evening and I can't remeber everything else on their menu. I'm also pretty sure they only serve breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays. I eat here about twice a month also.

But for breakfast in Boise you won't go wrong with either of these.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Thanks for letting us know about the Chuckles. Sure sounds interesting even though it sounds like a heart attack in the making. I still haven't set foot in the Red Feather. I thought I would've caught a show there by Thomas Paul or someone else by now but I haven't.

      I (and maybe other Boise people on here) am curious why you didn't include Goldy's if you're talking about breakfast in downtown.

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        A late reply to be sure... Goldy's... I was in Goldy's a long time ago... once.. I should try it again. I've learned a lot about food since I was in there last. But there is always a line to get in there. My memory of my one visit includes cramped spaces and nothing worth going back for. It seems like the line to get in is its own party. That's just irritating to me. I am not waiting in line anywhere for food.

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          The salmon hash at Goldy's is wonderful. I'm from the triangle in NC, but was visiting Boise recently. I also sampled the pancakes my fellow breakfasters were having, and they were also very nice. I would definitely go back. We got there late in the morning so there was a line, but we didn't wait too long. Next time I'm visiting, I'll eat there earlier. The service was very good.