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Mar 1, 2009 05:36 PM

Near Columbia Hospital, 168/Broadway

Where is good to eat near Columbia University Hospital which is 168/Broadway?

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  1. Plum Pomidor is right there. The food is decent and the atmosphere is very nice. There's a new falafel/shawarmeh snack shop (i.e. zero atmosphere) that's absolutely first rate on Broadway between 163 and 164. It's called Tabouli. El Malecon has what is thought to be the best Dominican food in the city. It's up on Broadway between 175 and 176.

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      There is a mexican place at 157 and broadway, anyone know the name?

    2. Tasty Deli on 169th and St Nicholas is really terrific... nice folks, too.

      I like Parilla on 165th and Broadway, they have a 6.99 special grilled skirt steak w/ rice and beans...I think they have other options as well, but that was very good.

      1. Mamajuana Restaurant , Fibe Restaurant, both Dominican. both good

        1. There's also a good wine bar across the way at 168th/Amsterdam (across from the McDonalds) called In Vino Veritas. They have tapas-style food. Good for happy hour or dinner.

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            I have to second Malecon on the corner of Bway and 175th. Their rotisserie chicken is second to none. A whole chicken (cut up) with rice and beans is around $12. More than enough food for 2 people.

          2. Malecon - Great chicken, roast port (pernil), rice and beans, fried sweet bananas
            Ju Ju - Great coffee and sandwiches
            Carrot Top -the worst strawberry short cake I've ever eaten, acceptable coffee