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Mar 1, 2009 04:26 PM

Vietnamese Food in So Orange County

Looking for a recommendation for vietnamese restuarant with good pho and possible vietnamese pancakes. Preferably South Orange County. Thanks

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  1. The only pho place I've been to in South OC that I would return to is Pho Bo Vang in Lake Forest. That's not to say I've done some exhaustive survey of South OC's Vietnamese offerings, because I haven't...

    That said, I'm sure you know that the epicentre of Vietnamese culture in SoCal is in North OC, not South... but it's easily accessible from the 405 or the 22.

    Pho Bo Vang
    23764 Mercury Rd, Lake Forest, CA 92630

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      I'll ditto what DU said. Pho Bo Vang is easily the best pho in this part of Orange County. Not aware of any good Viet food further south, but that's only because I don't get down that way much.

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        I have this past week gone to Pho Bo Vang twice for lunch, and enjoyed it very much. I must say however, that I really didn't see much difference between it and Pho Bac in Irvine. I am admittedly not at all knowledgeable about Vietnamese food, and have only had pho perhaps 6 or 8 times. I generally have it with lean beef either rare steak, brisket, or both. I know that several people have said that Pho Bo Vang is much better than Pho Bac, and since I didn't see much difference would like to know why others think PBV is it the broth, the noodles, the beef, the condiments, or what? Also, what is it about the pho in Little Saigon than makes it even better. Please help me learn what it is that makes pho special!

      2. Pho Bac on Barranca in Irvine isn't bad. I wouldn't drive too far to get here, but if you live nearby as I do, you can have a very satisfying bowl of pho for lunch at a very reasonable price.

        Pho Bac
        4250 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92604

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          In my experience, it was bad. I 3rd the Pho Bo Vang rec however.

          1. re: josephnl

            I've actually enjoyed their counterpart, Pho Bac Ky over at University/405, over Pho Bac.