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Mar 1, 2009 04:20 PM

Ox Penis. Seriously.

I was in a huge Asian market in central New Jersey today and saw, in the frozen food section, piled high, at least 3 dozen ox penises. I’ve been in this store many times and never noticed them. Not that they weren’t there, but seems to me that a big sign reading “Penis,” in English, would have caught my eye before.

I know about eating penis to promote virility, but I thought that was mostly dried powder. Googling wasn’t particularly informative. I’m guessing the store might have been unusually well stocked with this item in celebration of the year of the ox? If so, what do you think people might have been doing with it? On topic, please. I’m thinking in terms of home-cooked dishes here. And would everyone partake?

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  1. Maybe it isn't really "ox" oxtail isn't really from ox.
    That's as far as I'm going to go with this.

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      An ox is/was a large steer used primarily for draft purposes. Since they aren't used generally for that purpose anymore, I'm guessing the term is somewhat obsolete. So a "cow tail" and an "ox tail" are pretty much the same thing now. I'm guessing an ox penis is named the same way. Which still doesn't give OP any idea of how to cook it. Joan, did you google "steer penis"?

      1. re: c oliver

        Oxen and their equipment are far from obsolete in the developing world outside of the US.

        JoanN, you're lucky to have such a well hung market.

    2. There is a restaurant in San Jose, CA called Bun Bo Hue An Nam, which makes a special Bun Bo Hue with ox penis added to the rest of the offal (pork leg, beef leg, pig's blood). A couple of places in Hong Kong serve it with noodle soup. It is basically just like any other delicacy--a piece of muscle with an interesting texture and !ahem! possible medicinal properties.

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        We Asians are always about the "possible medicinal properties".

        1. A Chow video blog from a penis restaurant in Beijing:

          1. Seriously Joan.. Here's a couple of sites with recipes I found...

            Fuschia Dunlop speaks:

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            1. re: Gio

              Thanks, Gio. Did a cursory search, but hadn't found an actual recipe.

              What surprised me about this was that these were in a middle-class suburban supermarket, obviously meant for home cooks. It wasn't some bragging-rights restaurant or nasty bits wannabe. And it's hard for me to believe that a place like this would have such a large quantity of a product if they didn't have a very good expectation of selling it.

              1. re: JoanN

                Yes, I agree. I suppose home cooks would have wanted the item in honor of the Chinese New Year. But here it is a month later and there are still so many unsold. The restaurant Dunlop mentions does have it on the menu's in such demand.