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Mar 1, 2009 04:20 PM

Best Calabash

My brother says we should go to a Calabash buffet while we're in Myrtle Beach in March. Reviews of the restaurants seem to be all over the place. Same place is loved and despised. We're going in two weeks so quick answers would be great. Thanks

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    needsadvice, This thread references Calabash so I thought you might find it helpful. Look for "few."

    1. If you are in Myrtle Beach, you should make the trek and actually drive to Calabash, NC and eat at the Seafood Hut and really you shouldn't eat a seafood buffett unless you want crab legs.

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        If you eat at the Seafood Hut, only order the fish which is usually fresh flounder and as fried fish goes is outstanding. Do know before going there that EVERYTHING is fried and it is fried in lard. But, in my opinion, forget everything on the 'menu' except for the fish. The hushpuppies are terrible, flavorless and way too heavy. The fried flounder is excellent.

      2. Oh, I almost forgot, in Little River, SC, there is a little seafood restaurant on the water, Crab Catchers, great to go have a beer and raw oysters and sit in the sun.