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Point Loma Restaurant Questions

Every time I go to Point Loma I eat at Point Loma Seafoods.

My question is how are these spots?

Umi Sushi

Hudson Bay Seafood

Pizza Nova

Club Marina (do they have food? Looks like a legit spot for a drink)

Old Venice (heard good things, how does it compare to other Italian in San Diego?)

The restaurant at The Pearl Hotel.


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  1. I have not been to the Pt Loma location for Pizza Nova. However, if it is the same chain as the one in Solana Beach, their food is good for the price point. It kind of reminds me of a variation of Sammy's Woodfired Pizza meets CPK. Their garlic rolls are very buttery and garlicky, if you like that kind of thing.

    1. Club Marina for food..hee hee..one of the best dive bars in the La Playa area..

      1. Excellent food at the restaurant at the Pearl Hotel. Creative young chef.

        1. My one visit to Old Venice was bad enough that I'd have to be dragged back there. There is better Italian food at La Scala, though it's more the Americanized, red checkered tablecloth version. Still, their tortellini alfredo is quite tasty and very rich.

          1. Umi Sushi is a very popular sushi place. I'm not a big sushi person, but I've heard nothing but good things about it. I personally love thier California Rolls and thier eel sauce. The tempura is also yummy, especially the shrimp. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the Teryaki.

            Pizza Nova is a good restaurant with a great view. It was remodeled a couple of years ago and looks great. Friendly staff too.

            Hudson Bay Seafood is horrible. If you're going to do casual seafood, you might as well stick wtih Point Loma Seafoods.

            Old Venice has its good dishes and not so good dishes. It's not traditional Italian and it can be a bit expensive for what it is but it has nice ambiance in the main dining room and the bar. The back patio is in serious need of remodeling.

            The Pearl Hotel is an interesting place. The remodel is amazing and the chef is trying to be innovative. Not all of the dishes work for me, but there are some really good dishese on the menu and they use local and season ingredients.

            Two other places to consider that you did not mention are Roseville and Con Pane Bakery. They are accross the street from each other. Roseville is an upscale French restaurant that is quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego (Cafe Chloe is still my go to place). The food is interesting and good. I've heard some people complain about the prices, which are definately not cheap, but they seem on par with the pricing of other similar restaurants and only slightly higher than Old Venice.

            Con Pane is the nieghborhood go to place for sandwiches and bread. On the weekends, friends and I will walk down for incredible cinnamon rolls and people watching.

            Pomodoro just opened on Scott street. I wasn't impressed with my first visit but it did have some high points. I will give it another try before i form a definate opinion.

            1. Thanks for the replies!

              One more:

              Red Sails Inn? (looks like it could be really good or terrible)

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                we'll walk over from the SWYC on the weekends for breakfast at the Red Sails and its ok for breakfast or lunch but no way for dinner..
                make sure you have a mai tai over at the Bali Hai..
                Brig in Shelter Island is my fav in the bar for the seafood happy hour.

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                  How is Red Sails for a dinner cocktail?

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                    its fine for cocktails..but not a lot of room.
                    I feel like I am going to see the guy on the box of Gordon's Fisherman fish sticks when I'm in there..start singing sea shanty's..hee hee

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                      Sorry Beach Chick, I have to disagree with you about Red Sails. In my opinion, it is horrible all around. A couple of months ago, I thought I'd give it a try again and it was horrible. It started out with those $.50 per bag rolls I rememer the family buying in the grocery store as a kid. My steak was fatty and chewy, the sauce tasted funny and my friends fish tasted like it was left over after everyone picked out thier fish.

                      Bali hai has great views and is a good choice for lunch or dinner as is the Brig. Also, not to far from Bali Hai is Humphreys. I've had a couple of good meals there as well. The other two restaurants on Shelter Island, whose names I'm drawing a blank on, have good views but mediocre food.

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                        hey sdnosh..
                        breakfast and lunch I wrote are ok..but no way for dinner..even when we are doing our dinghy pub crawls, we can't stomach eating there for dinner.
                        It pretty much blows but have had a couple of ok breakfasts there.
                        I always draw blanks on the other restaurants on the island as well. ; )

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                          I've never had lunch there but had one horrible breakfast there. It's really too bad though because of the location. The patio would be a great spot to hand out, have some good food and watch the boat go by.

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                            We go for lunch every once in awhile to soak up the bayside atmosphere. Stick with simplicity - decent burgers, club sandwich, fresh and crisp crab or shrimp louie salad.

              2. Umi Sushi is my fave in SD, they have great quality seafood and some interesting combos, family friendly, which can be a pain on date night with the unattended children running free.

                Pizza Nova is ok - like mentioned below, it's a take on CPK but pretty good quality, nothing exciting.

                Club Marina - total dive bar, but cheap and dirty, if you are down with strong drinks.

                Hudson Bay has pretty good clam chowder and fish and chips, not as pricey as Pt Loma Seafoods but not the variety either. Fun to sit outside with clam chowder and a salad for lunch. Not a dinner place.

                1. A couple of my favorites in Point Loma that were not mentioned are:
                  Tender Greens at Liberty Station for excellent casual dining
                  Elegant Truffle on at 1111 Scott St. - amazing chocolate confections

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                    A strong second to both of those, sdnativa!

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                      Anyone been to Roseville lately? Would you hounds recommend it?

                      1. re: nessy

                        Yes, I went about 8 weeks ago, and had a great meal, same as two previous visits.

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                          yes, last night. great dinner! check their menu out at www.rosevillesd.com