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Mar 1, 2009 02:56 PM

Does Anyone Make A Thin (not Belgian) Waffle Maker?

I am looking for a waffle iron that does not make Belgian waffles, but makes the thin kind like you used to make before Belgian wafflers came around. Does anyone know if you can find these anymore?

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  1. Most certainly, yes. I got a Villaware one (at the recommendation of Cook's Illustrated for $90) but it cooked unevenly, so back it went. I then found a Black & Decker one for $50 at a local Ace Hardware. It's exactly the same kind they've made for at least 25 years. I know this because it's a dead ringer for the one Mom got when I was a wee chowpup, except for the updated logo. It works perfectly well. The plates are reversible so you can use it as a flat griddle or sandwich press, and removable so you can easily wash them.

    1. I second the Black & Decker recommendation. I got one of them for my father 2 yrs. ago because Cook's rated it pretty highly, and it has worked spectacularly well. We haven't tried the flat (griddle) side yet.

      1. Ive had the Villaware for several years now and been really happy wiht it(The round one that makes one waffle at a time). Bought one for my parents and sister as well and they all love theirs too.

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          I had the square one. The round one would likely be a better choice, as the waffle's unevenness in cooking was a perfectly round area that was cooked exactly right, and pale corners.

          1. We have a Cuisinart one (makes 6- 3x2 setup- waffles). I got it from the Williams Sonoma outlet a little less than 2 years ago. Aside from a few weird design things that we can get over, we love it so far! I believe they still make it.