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Mar 1, 2009 02:39 PM

Aqua Blue, Roswell, GA

Anyone been to Aqua Blue?

Or Pastis?

I'm trying to find a place in that area for Saturday dinner.
VG Bistro is out because our friends just went there.

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  1. I'd recommend either of those two, but I prefer Pastis.

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    1. re: northside food

      I really enjoy Aqua Blue...good bar, good food. Chef puts out some tasty food. Wife loves the calamari with the sweet chili dippin sauce.

    2. Little Alley is much better than both. Though more limited menu, Oak Street Cafe is better than all of them.

      1. I agree about Little Alley and Oak Street Cafe.

        Aqua Blue has never impressed me and the reviews have always been mediocre. In fact, the AJC didn't even give it a star when they reviewed it a few years ago - I think they gave it only a "Fair" rating. Much of the allure of the place is that it's been a local cougar hangout recently as they have dance lessons and drinks. Think older suburban females giggling & gossiping and reliving the old Sex and the City days. Of course that's just my take on it.

        Too bad VG Bistro is out of the question, that's a real star in our area. Other options are:

        Byblos (haven't been in a few years unfortunately but I assume it's still good)

        Relish (decent)

        Sugo (another I haven't visited in a year or more but has always been good)

        Greenwoods (Just OK food with a southern flair)

        Stoney River (chain but decent wine list and steaks)

        Red Salt (fairly new and got mixed reviews, I would call it middle of the road)

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        1. re: HaagenDazs

          Other than saying Greenwood's is "okay food"--it's upscale southern food at its best, I'd say a pretty much agree with everything else HD said.

          However, if one is going to extend the geography to Stoney River, Trattoria 1*41 and Azel are much better. Azel is somewhat similar to Aqua Blue, though not as hip, but better food.

          1. re: FatAndOld

            It's not terrible, you're right, but I just haven't been super happy with everything I've gotten there. I'd rather hit up Swallow across the street and gorge myself on some BBQ and a 40 oz Budweiser. :-)

            The northern suburbs in general have some good places to go and the two others you mentioned are good spots, I agree. Remember there's a Stoney River a the intersection of 92 (where Holcomb Bridge becomes Crossville Rd) and Alpharetta Hwy/Hwy 9 so it's not an extension to hit up that one.