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Mar 1, 2009 01:33 PM

Pithari Taverna- Disappointed

I have waxed poetic multiple times on here on how good Pithari Taverna is and am sad to be posting this, but I have been more than disappointed after the last few visits.

I find that the food is tending to become overly oily and the service has completely fallen to crap. I am a regular there and the management knows me as does the wait staff and after being there two consecutive weeks and having food completely screwed up and late, was offered nothing but BS and excuses.

It really is sad to post this but it is heading downhill fast. I used to love this place but at this point there are too many other BYOBs in the area and decent grub opportunities to continue giving them so much support.

I will perhaps give it a try several months down the line but I am on hiatus now.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, yankeefan. To be honest, I found our one meal a Pithari not long after it opened quite pedestrian. There have been times when I've considered giving it another try, but since you, as a regular, are saying it's gone downhill, I'll be shelving that idea permanently and continue to get our Greek restaurant fix in NYC, where our current favorite is the excellent Kellari's Parea.

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    1. re: RGR

      From your mouth to God's ears- Kellari is the best that I have been to as well.

      I really wish that Pithari had held up their end of the bargain- but more time now for El Meson, Bombay Garden, and Boom for BYOBs.

    2. my wife and I ate there this past Friday night and as usual our food was exceptionally good and the service was also very good!
      not sure if the comparison between Pithari and New York resto's is fair - as possibly we are talking about two different levels of prices ' n food.
      we feel that this is a good restaurant for fairly inexpensive food in New Jersey. Cause there are very few areas/cities in the U.S. that have resto's that compare to New York city.

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      1. re: eatinman

        I have been the biggest Pithari fan of them all and just have become fed up with the phoney customer service they offer. I posted this more in sadness than anger because I want to love the place like I used to.

        I can't lie, I feel duped by the customer appreciation they offer. After multiple times and being a good customer, I have never received the slightest offer of compensation.

        One time, we asked for one dessert and multiple came out and the waitress said "dont worry about it" so we thought we wouldn't be charged for all of them. Wrong.

        Compounded with the visit over the past couple weeks in such a short span, it is off the list.

        Again, more sad to say this than anything. I was always on here raving about the place so I thought I would have to be fair- I feel the urge to do the same thing the other way around when something I have not liked redeems themselves over time.

        1. re: eatinman

          To add, they have really jacked up their prices after the summer. Agreed though that I can't ask for an exact representation of Manhattan, but things that put me off were unrelated to that.