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Mar 1, 2009 12:57 PM

recs for Sunday lunch/brunch in Old Town Alexandria

We have friends who want to have brunch/lunch next Sunday in Old Town Alexandria. They're "vegequarians" -- mostly vegetarian, but who eat some fish. The location isn't negotiable for transportation reasons. What suggestions do people have?

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  1. Majestic cafe for all around good food. Make sure to call now to get reservations. They are VERY busy. Hank's Oyster bar. Not sure when they open is good for fish. I also like they make nice crepes. Go for the buckwheat. They are not that big so get there early. Not sure if they take reservations.

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    1. re: jongchen

      Sadly, it turns out that Majestic isn't open for Sunday lunch.

      1. re: leslielj

        Majestic IS open starting at one. They serve their full dinner menu as well as Nana's Sunday Dinner

    2. Overwood has a nice brunch with a lot of options, buffet as well as al a carte ordering, so there will be plenty of options for all your palates. I'm pretty sure they take reservations.

      1. Agree with the great suggestions so far. Adding: Vermillion on King St., and the Chart House on the Potomac. I know, I know!'s a chain and all that....but, the setting is terrific with those views! If you go, ask for a window table if possible.
        I would also add The Warehouse on King St.. Lovely options, including fish.

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        1. re: monavano

          Farrah Olivia-they are in Old Town and they have a delicious brunch!

          1. re: AnneBird

            I did not enjoy the brunch at Farrah Olivia. Servers were not knowlegeable ("I don't normally work brunch, sorry"). Food was OK, but not good enough to go back.

            1. re: maoj

              Really? I'm sorry! Every time I go there the service is great and the food is delish...

              1. re: AnneBird

                I went lunch during RW and it was great, but when I went back that Sunday (I HAD to take my husband) it was not nearly as good. I was really disappointed. The hibiscus lemonade I had enjoyed during the week was more sugar than lemonade. The chicken dish was excellent during the week, but cold and dry on Sunday. The salad part of the crab salad overwhelmed the crab, it might as well not have been there. Did we order incorrectly? We were more in the mood for lunch versus breakfast items.

                1. re: maoj

                  I tend to go for breakfast items, so it could be!

          2. re: monavano

            We ended up going to The Warehouse -- the food was good and there were plenty of options for the vegetarians.

          3. I liked Vermilion's brunch. Had blackberry pancakes with a peach sauce (though it has probably rotated out). Picky inlaws also really liked it.

            1. Bastille is great especially if you sit outside. Its supposed to be 60 this weekend so they might just open up the patio.