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Mar 1, 2009 12:50 PM

Brunch at Galatoire's?

I am headed to NO in 2 weeks, from Sunday to Wednesday...sadly this precludes Galatoire's on a Friday. Any reason not to have brunch there? I was considering either Mr. B's or Muriel's, but if there is no reason to avoid Galatoire's, I would like to go there instead.

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  1. you can't go wrong w/Galatoire's on a Sunday.

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    1. re: edible complex I likely to need a reservation for 2? ...

      I am not sure of exact timing, what with planes, trains, and automobiles. I have no problem sitting at the bar for a cocktail or two, if I must!

      1. re: betheroo

        Gal's doesn't take reservations for the downstairs dining room. They do for the upstairs, though. I would just show up. If you want to wait for downstairs, go have a few drinks. If not, there probably won't be a wait for the upstairs room. FYI, Gal's doesn't do brunch, just lunch.

        1. re: N.O.Food

          I think we will do Galatoire's..I have wanted to eat there forever.... So here I come!
          Any suggestions as to what to order, or just put myself in the hands of our waiter and sit back and enjoy? Those puffy potatoes with bernaise look like my idea of heaven....