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Mar 1, 2009 12:50 PM

Aki Sushi in Philly

I saw an ad for Aki sushi on 1210 Walnut St. in Philly. They have an all you can order menu for 24.95 on Sundays. Has anyone gone? How is it?

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    1. I've ordered their $9 lunch - 2 rolls and soup or salad - quite good. Definitely less expensive than Kami (and they haven't been open since December).

      1. I found a review on this site called

        They look like a start-up site for food reviews, but their review of it was pretty good.

        "The all you can eat menu comes with a soup and salad, which were both average. But does the sushi deliver? You betcha! The all you can eat menu offers a wide variety of maki, nigri, and hand rolls. Certain items are $2 extra–such as the scallop sushis. Some of the standouts include the white tuna, salmon, and squid nigri and the spicy tuna maki was wonderful also. The fish-to-rice ratio was surprisingly generous, so we give high marks to Aki for that."

        It looks pretty good, i definitely wanna go there one time especially for the all you can eat.

        Here's the link to the full article.

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          Unless I am wrong, I think this is the old AOI sushi spot. It's like an old 80's rock bar w neon along a metal fence and an old pick up coming out of the wall? Maybe they changed the decor. When I first moved here, I use to go quite because of the price, but the sushi was mediorce at best. Maybe its better. It use to be $20 A-Y-C-E.

          1. re: juice

            That's what I was going to say. I used to go to the old AYCE at AOI back when I was in gradschool in the '90s but haven't been there in ages. My friend and I used to go because it was cheap, not because it was especially good sushi. Sometimes the service would take forever as well, so it was a balancing act of ordering enough at a time that you weren't waiting endlessly for a few pieces, vs. not over-ordering and then getting charged extra for any pieces you didn't eat.

            I'd be curious to know if it's better now...though generally my one rule of thumb used to be not going for sushi on Sundays on Mondays, and one wonders/worries if Sunday AYCE is their "clean out" night or something, hence the deal...

        2. Went for lunch 4/10. Had an excellent unagi don with good salad, great service, inexpensive price. Even came with extra pickled vegetables. Will go back for the AYCE, Wednesdays and Sunday all day for $24.95. Anyone care to try with me, let me know.

          1. The buffet is now all the time. Did it this week, was very good, no complaints other than l ate way too much. Still 24.95

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            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              Delucacheesemonger-Do you mean 7 days a week? Or just all day on those two days? If you're up for it again anytime soon, would love to join you . . . . (and finally meet a fellow hound). Mary

              1. re: mlplyons

                Every day, all day. My only proviso is the rice is very dense, filling and lightly vinegared. Thus when l get an unagidon or chirashi, l leave a lot of rice. Glad to go with you and meet a CH. My email is on my info page.

                1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                  Hey, thanks for the quick response. That is very good to know-unbelievable price and seven days/week. I remember a place in Arlington, VA that had a similar deal but nevertheless had that same exact price about 15 years ago (it was, however, acknowledged as the best ayce sushi in the Washington area at that time).

                  1. re: mlplyons

                    May be best AYCE in Phila, but a very low bar. Went to Bluefin last week, no AYCE, but very high level selection and execution on sashimi. Off to Yasuda next week, yippee.

                    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                      I agree about the bar being very low but forget all about that. Yasuda? Now I am salivating and, dare I say (even for a fellow hounder (egads!)), jealous. I hope you're sitting at the sushi bar. Maybe the big guy himself will serve you . . . . Yippee is an understatement, sir.