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Mar 1, 2009 12:43 PM

Moving to Prospect Heights

Near the Franklin stop. Where are some good places to eat? Want to stay in the neighborhood and not venture into Park Slope. Thanks!

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  1. you might want to do a Crown Heights search. Franklin Ave is a fair distance over from Prospect Hts. proper.

    1. For classic brooklyn ambiance, try Tom's on Washington and Sterling, i think, def on Washington, Chavella's is a good mexican place on Classon btw Prospect and Park. Also by there is Abigails, on Classon and St. John's, a wine bar with new american food. The Islands has really yummy Carribean, that's on Washington btw Eastern and Lincoln. And definitely check out Gen- amazing japanese/sushi on Washington and St. Marks.

      1. My brother lives in that area and loves Chavellas (Mexican). Also, Franny's Pizzeria is not too far, and very very good:

        1. I don't really like Abigails. The food is fair. The people there are amazing, but the food is meh. Instead try James, very warm atmosphere and delicious cuisine!
          My favorite sports bar has become Plan B on Vanderbilt. GREAT wings and burgers.
          The Indian food place also on Vanderbilt, across from Plan B is one of the better ones in the area.
          Franny's isn't exactly close, but it is KILLER!
          I've heard good things about Islands and would try that out as well.

          1. Chavella's is a great place for Mexican and I would highly recommend Gen for fresh, yummy Japanese food. For drinks, head to Franklin Park or walk over to Vanderbilt Avenue adn try Barrette (2 for 1 beer and wine during happy hour). Also, Barrette has this grilled cheese sandwich which is positively addictive. Welcome to the neighborhood. Places to avoid -- Abigael's (tiny portions but huge prices) and Plan B has awful burgers and mediocre wings.