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Mar 1, 2009 12:26 PM

Fresh Flat Rice Noodles in NYC area

Where can I buy fresh flat rice noodles in the NYC area? I am looking for the kind used in Thai dishes.


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  1. The kind they use in pad see eu (sp?) can be found in most markets in chinatown, labelled as Haw Fun or Kway Teow...I know for sure that Kan Nam market has those

    1. Fresh rice noodles can be found at the stand on the NE corner of Bowery and Grand. Also at a nondescript stand on the north side on Grand just west of Bowery.

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        that corner place on Bowery and Grand is called Kong Kee.

      2. There's a storefront on Mott one or two blocks south of Canal, on the East side of the street. (They also have good dumplings and turnip cake.)

        1. All the Hong Kong Supermarkets carry it.