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Mar 1, 2009 12:19 PM

any tips before dinner at churrascaria plataforma?

We have reservations at 530pm in a few weeks for a big celebration. As I've heard great things about this place and really want to have a great meal to celebrate I thought that I would ask for any tips to maximize the amount of food I get to try. It just seems that 530 is such an odd time, should i have breakfast and lunch? i want to arrive hungry but not with a shrunken stomach. thanks in advance.

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  1. I'd say skip lunch at that hour. The meat is great , but even more fascinating is the buffet with all sorts of things you won't find very often, unless they've changed it in the last year or so. We took a teenaged boy there, and he was in heaven, since he considers himself beef-deprived. (A Norwegian, where beef is not of such great quality and tres expensive.) Just pace yourself - the house seems to understand people eating that way.

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      Take it easy on the carb intake at dinner and enjoy what you're REALLY there for, the meat. Anthony Bourdain swears by this method, and from personal experience, it works.

    2. yeah, the appetizer bar spread can be mindblowing, and it's very tempting to fill up on all the goodies. but if you're going to experience a lot of different meats/meat cuts, try to not go crazy with the apps, you'll regret it.

      and i'd recommend not to have lunch. your stomach doesn't shrink, btw, and you'll be plenty hungry. enjoy!

      1. It's a really fun place, and after the few times I've been there I admit I wake up the next morning with a meat hangover. Feels like a regular hangover except with a full stomach. Definitely do not go crazy with the appetizer buffet. Get a small taste of a few things and that's about it. I'm not a fan of skipping meals, so my suggestion even with a 5:30 dinner reservation is to eat a decent breakfast and have something light for lunch - like half a turkey sandwich and an apple or something along those lines where you have a little fiber and protein and you don't show up insanely hungry. I always find if I skip meals in anticipation for dinner, I end up with that kind of sick empty stomach feeling and low blood sugar so I sometimes don't really end up eating much in the end.

        1. There's a wonderful article that appeared in the NY Daily news years ago that described Plataforma perfectly. I've followed their advice and it's worked out perfectly.

          1. I may be a lone voice, but I was not at all impressed with the last meal I had there. And considering the lack of variety among both the meats served to our table as well as the lack of anything interesting at the salad bar (practically none of the more upscale seafood salads and hot dishes), we felt we had been royally ripped off. I have been to much better churrascarias.

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              "I have been to much better churrascarias."

              Don't be shy. Tell us which ones and why they're better.

              (Places in Brazil don't count. After you pay for the round trip airfare they're not such a good deal.)

              1. re: Bob Martinez

                No frame of reference in Brazil, unfortunately, but the best I have been to in NY is Master Grill in Flushing. I also prefer Porcao, although I know there are those on this board who disagree: Much better selection, ambiance, service, and I think more reasonable. Note: Just checked for Master Grill's site and it appears to have closed.

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                    Porcao is a Brazilian chain. Went to three different Porcao's in Rio and found them greatly different in all aspects, especially the salad bar area.One was fabulous, varied and everything fresh and very interesting. The other two were not even close. Then went to a Porcao, same chain, in Miami, it was empty, expensive and worse than any of the ones in Brazil. Saw the one in Manhattan in the 20's on Park or Lex and did not go as was afraid of earlier experiences. Then next time by a few months ago, saw Porcao gone and another rodizio in it's place. Has Porcao moved and should it be approached? First time at Plataforma when first opened was blown away, but last time found more geared to Americans, makes sense and thus for me less authentic and thus not as happy. On the other hand the dark brown Brazilian beer, xingoa, l think, is wonderful.

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                      I didn't realize it was no longer at that location. I ate there about a year ago and it was excellent choice, quality, service. But a search on menupages comes up empty. I guess both of my steers are gone!

                  2. re: Bob Martinez

                    It's a haul, but I find Seabra's Rodizio in downtown Newark NJ not only better in quality meats and salad buffet, but half the price of Plataforma. Not to mention a decent Sushi counter in the dining room.

                    Seabra's Rodizio
                    1034 McCarter Highway, Newark, NJ 07102