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Roche Bros. Markets

Has anyone done the 5 packages of meat for $25.00 special? Is it worth it? What is the weight of the packages? I can see where the Plumrose ribs and Mrs. Budd's pie are cheaper than the regular price but what does it come down to per pound for the steaks,hamburger,chicken and chops,etc.?

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  1. I haven't checked out this weeks special, but in the past I felt the special wasn't really worth it. At the time I could have done better at Market Basket.

    1. Not worth it, at least as far as stocking up goes. There is a slight reduction from the regular i.e. fluctuates-every-week-anyway price. I never understand why people can't compare meats based on the per pound price.

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        My mother an old yankee buys her meat based on the cheapest price she can find at all of the major supermarkets. There's always a reason it's on sale.

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          Yes, but sometimes the reason is excess supply, or simply to get people into the store. I don't see anything wrong with that mentality. I generally only buy meat on sale too, and freeze some. Great way to extend the food budget.

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            I don't have any problem with buying meat on sale except for one caveat. I will never, ever buy meat listed as "manager's special" I used to work in the grocery industry and, while not always, many times it means something bad.

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              Eh, maybe. Many times it is just excess supply or a slow selling item. For example, market has turkey breasts on sale. They buy whole birds and butcher them. Thus, left over wings and legs. If not an advertised sale on these items a wise manager would put them out as a special. Nothing wrong with them. I think using the same tools you would use when buying any meat would tell you if a special is bad or not. I don't get all worked up about it, and often take advantage of these specials, unless the meat looks old.

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                I agree. While I admit I've never worked in the grocery industry, it seems that the "Manager's Specials" at the store I often frequent indicate an item with a "sell by" date within a day or two. I've even noticed there are often multiple packages of the same item (say, drumsticks) and the only difference between the MS and non-MS packages is, indeed, the sell by date. I freeze the packages as soon as I'm home, and will even go an extra day or two beyond what is recommended (as long as the meat looks and smells fine.)

        2. Not worth it IMHO. You can make out better with their regular meat sales.

          1. My son and I went to check out the fairly new Roche Bros. in Wellesley to pick up some sale meat. There really wasn't much selection. He's headed to McKinnon's tomorrow instead. It really didn't seem like a great deal.

            1. This sale is a major irritant for me every time it comes around. No, it is not a bargain. Any one of the items is on sale cheaper over the course of a few weeks.

              Roche Bros/Sudbury Farms have such outrageous prices on all the rest of their groceries that any bargain prices are offset before you hit the check-out lines. Seems to be as much as a dollar on a single item, compared with Market Basket. Even with the time and gasoline considered, it is worth a trip to MB every few weeks.

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                I live in Billerica, which has 3 MB's, and 2 more are less than 3 miles away, in Wilm and Tewks. It's 6-10 miles to any other chain supermarket. While you can't beat MB on overall pricing, I much prefer RB's instore bakery, prepared foods, specialty foods, and produce. I shop by specials, and RB often has excellent sales - I recently got pencil-thin asparagus at $1.88/lb. I never bought the "5 meats" specials. This winter, for the first time, I used their online shopping/delivery service. Both times I was very satisfied with the quality of the meats and produce that their instore shopper selected for me. The program allows you to include your specific preferences/criteria, and they follow through very well. The specials are clearly highlighted, and both times delivery was on schedule. I used it for large orders, mostly stock-up pantry items. To me, it was worth the $10 flat delivery charge(plus generous tip) and paying a few cents more per can, not to have to lug a dozen heavy, bulky bags upstairs from the car. I have never used Peapod so I can't compare services. In general, I prefer to shop in person but it's nice to have the delivery option in times of illness or rough weather.

              2. I checked out the special at my local RB in Quincy. I can tell you it was nothing exciting. I get MUCH better deals on their regular "Big Deals" specials, or by going to Roxies or Hilltop Steakhouse for meat.

                As for their general price points, I'd have to disagree with other comments. I think their prices are quite competitive with the other chains in my area. I've taken a look at prices on things I've bought at Star Market and RB, and RB is cheaper by as much as 40 cents on many items. Especially now that they've enhanced their selection of their "Food Club" private label brand, those items are a good value.

                I also find their Full Circle Organic line is very well priced.

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                  Guys, the 40 cents ,or one dollar comparison is vague and ambiguous and not helpful. 40 cents difference on a $10 item is irrelevant, but if it is consistently 40 cents on $2 items that's a notable percentage difference.
                  My observation, and I tend to visit 2-3 different markets per week, RB has excellent quality, and is priced comaprably to Shaw's, S&S, etc. Of course some items will be cheaper at one store while othrs are cheaper at the next. Market Basket is notably less pricey across the board, and does have very good produce, not so good fish at times. Can't beat their pork in quality or price. Important to note that each of these stores prices according to geography--prices vary from town to town!

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                    Sorry. In particular, the 40 cent savings was on a jar of Teddie All Natural Peanut Butter, which retails for $2.99 at Star, and sells for $2.59 at RB.

                    Also, a 1 quart box of Full Circle Organic Rice Milk is $1.99 at RB, and the Nature's Promise version at my local Stop and Shop is $2.99.

                    Having said that however, if I know that Store A is consistently 40 cents cheaper on the $10 items, and I spend $100 at the store, so that's $4.00 in my pocket. Better in my pocket than the supermarket company's.

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                      Better info, but again, they price differently in their different stores. I believe the Star in Medway sells Teddie for $2.79 but I haven't shopped there recently. You could also find items that go the opposite way too. Compare ice cream prices for example--lower at Star than RB
                      BTW, Teddie is $2.50 at Market Basket.

                2. This is a bit off topic and for that I apologize But when my Mom was dying and housebound I did home deliveries for her food and Roche Bros was amazing..accurate orders , no gougng on prices and delivery guys were incredibly kind to her...she didnt do meat but the stuff she got was fresh, fairly priced and the service relieved a tremendous burden. I am eternally grateful to them

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                    I've had perhaps 6-7 interactions with their staff - all extremely helpful, pleasant people who seem to enjoy working there. I see that in Trader Joe's, too, but certainly not in MB, S&S, or Shaw's/Star. I hope you let RB know your feelings - after my first online order delivery I called the store to give them a verbal thumbs-up; the young woman with whom I spoke seemed genuinely pleased at the feedback and thanked me for calling. Having worked 20+ years at a job where you only hear from customers when they've got a gripe, I know firsthand that a compliment is deeply appreciated.

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                      Grey u r right and I have been remiss ..they even tried to have the same people deliver so she got to know them and wasn't concerned re buzzing people up. We tipped very well but I am writing a letter thanks to your suggestion. Exceptional customer service ...and this may be removed but we have had 7 greys in 14 years and our current guy ( 5yo Dash) is a cheese fiend and he looks just like your avatar ...go GREYS

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                        Me too! 7 since '95, currently 3, avatar got his angel wings 4 yrs ago.

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                        Yeah, the MB people at Treble Cove Plaza are pretty bad. I get that this might not be the job of their dreams but they are so darn surly.

                    2. I have done it and it is worth it. The cuts and choices are decent; chicken, pork and steak. Sorry I did not go back for more!

                      1. It's a ripoff... look at price per pound...this week they have much better prices on meat...