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Mar 1, 2009 10:52 AM

Eastern NC cheese biscuits

Who has the best cheese biscuits in eastern NC? This morning, I had a delicious bacon egg & cheese biscuit at the Travel Store in Washington across from Beaufort County Community College.

For those of you that don't know, many independently owned and small chain convenience stores in eastern NC sell delicious cheese biscuits, which is basically just a biscuit that has hoop cheese melted in it. Then you can add to it various meats and egg, like you would at a Bojangles, etc. The hoop cheese, instead of a slice of American or cheddar, makes a huge difference! I don't see why anyone that lives in eastern NC would ever want Bojangles, Hardees, etc., for a biscuit again! Surprisingly, I can't find much info about these cheese biscuits online.

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  1. I've never heard of them before, but they sound awesome. Wish I knew where to find one to try near Raleigh.


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      It is said that old Tobias Hornblower invented the cheese biscuit in Selwin, NC in 1803 as a result of an accident regarding mixing bowls. The resulting crispy goodness quickly became a local favorite in the bustling metropolis, and spread over a mere 50 years to neighborhing Gatesville. Carpetbaggers from NYC moving through the region stole the concept and attempted to make it appear as though they invented cheese biscuits on their return to the North and other foreign lands...

      In 1989, a Red Lobster chef who was originally from Selwin sold his soul and the recipe to his corporate headquarters, thereby giving us another internet meme for replicating recipes, similar to the Toll house cookie conspiracy.

      As of this writing, the entire populations of Gatesville and Selwin are in huge demand across the world as biscuit chefs.

      It is well known that only hoop cheese is acceptable in original recipes, but 10-year aged cheddar has been touted as a modern replacement for sophisticated tastebuds.

    2. I've never heard of them either, unfortunately. But I've been making cheese biscuits just like this at home for years. I'll have to keep an eye out in our travels for them!

      1. i dunno... bo's and hardee's make a hell of a biscuit - they are easily a cut above the other fast food places, and most independent places. that being said, bo's has a cheddarbo biscuit they only offer east of raleigh. the L&L's around usually do a pretty good job, but their biscuit quality isn't as consistent across the board. the benvenue grill, in rocky mount on benvenue road does a really good job with breakfast.

        1. It must be a down east thing. Many years ago (about 20) the late, lamented Englewood buffet in Rocky Mount offered cheese biscuits as a standard offering on the breakfast buffet. The Spouse was a huge fan of them, IIRC. I don't recall having seen them since.

          1. You're making this sound like a regional specialty, and I really don't think it is. Just as there are biscuits in many different regions, there are those who add cheese to the mix for something different.

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              They're not talking about mixing cheese into the dough (like a Red Lobster cheese biscuit), they're talking about a big glob of gooey yummy hoop cheese in the middle of a plain biscuit. Sort of like a jelly doughnut, the cheese is just in the middle. I lived in eastern NC for several years and have traveled the US extensively and have never seen this type of cheese biscuit anywhere else. I live in Western NC now and they don't even have them here. Maybe they have them other places, but I've never seen it. I miss them too - SOOO good!

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                That's interesting. I had no idea that this was peculiar to eastern NC, and that Bojangle's doesn't even offer the Cheddar-bo in other parts of the state.

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                  Thats what I remember for Rocky Mount years ago, they were also square

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                    Well, I'm not doubting you, but it's news to me. My family's lived in Beaufort and Pitt Counties since the colonial era, and I've never heard of them, much less tasted them.

                    1. re: albritton76

                      I've eaten way too many of them. !! But, mostly in Wilson near where I worked (Flo's, Ray's and others I can't remember). Mmm! I've never seen them at commercial places (like Bojangles, etc), just mom and pop places.

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                        I can't imagine living here your whole life and not having had a cheese biscuit. They're such a ubiquitous breakfast item that I had no idea they were peculiar to the area.

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                          Dunno. I've just never been that down with "country" cooking. Nothing wrong with it - just not something I'm into.

                          When I think of foods representative of Eastern NC, I think of barbeque, scalloped oysters, and those little biscuits with country ham.