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Mar 1, 2009 10:32 AM

Party for about 20p midpriced and not formal

I'm planning a dinner party for about 20 people. There will be a mix of meat eaters and vegetarians, adventurous eaters and meat and potato types. It must be fairly casual, we will be spending the day walking through the city. The crowd will be in their 20's -40's. The most important thing is the food allowing our casual dress and large size. Was thinking Craftbar. Any suggest welcome.

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  1. not sure Craft qualifies as midpriced (you may have a different pricing system than I do, of course.) I would suggest Jane or Otto.

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      I had a very good brunch at Jane, but I found my dinner there mediocre, overly buttery - a kind of anonymous, merely competent cuisine without any points of interest - and overpriced. My two dining partners and I all were disappointed. So while I am not current on Craft and can't offer opinions on the other places mentioned so far in this thread, I'd suggest avoiding Jane for dinner. That is, unless they really pull rabbits out of their hat for large banquets.

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        Not Craft, Craftbar, and price is flexible (not Per Ser or Jean George). It's just that most higher priced establishments require a more upscale dress code than we can fulfill.

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          What kind of dress code are they telling you they require? No jeans or sneakers?

      2. Are you planning to use the private room at Craftbar or reserve a table for 20 in the main dining room? Reason why I ask is that we just looked at Craftbar recently for the small wedding we're planning and while we knew the food would be great, we couldn't get past the fact that the private room felt more business lunch-like. It's downstairs from the main room and with the low ceilings it also felt cramped. Perhaps for a dinner party it won't be as big of a deal. Their prices per head begins at $75 for three courses - you choose one starter, offer 2 options for mains and one dessert. More options per course are $10 per person or something like that. They do consumption bar and have a few beverage packages. The event manager staff were very responsive and great about answering questions - if the room felt more appropriate for a wedding, we probably would have booked there.

        We looked at Jane too (I see there was a recommendation for the place) - their food/beverage is very well priced but again their room - while probably great for a casual dinner party - didn't seem what we were looking for in terms of our wedding. We haven't eaten there but like someone posted - heard brunch is great, dinner is just okay.

        1. The Water Club on the East River. We go there frequently and have often noted parties having a wonderful time, whether in the dining room or upstairs in one of their banquet rooms. Pricing's equal to or less than Craft.

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            Craftbar, not Craft. Casual dress code is a must.

            1. I think the food at Craftbar can be pretty uneven. I'd say Artisanal is a much better option. I also agree w/the Jane and Otto suggestions.