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Mar 1, 2009 10:15 AM

CSA in Santa Rosa?

We are currently getting our CSA needs met by Farm Fresh to You (FFTY) out of the Capay valley. I love their produce, but in an effort to lower our carbon footprint and eat more locally I am looking for a more local alternative.

I am wondering if the Santa Rosa/Sonoma County set can add their input about the CSAs they are using in the area and how they like them.

What I like most about FFTY, beside the delivery, is that they work w/ other CSAs and organic farmers to give a wide variety of fruits and veggies. It is $31.50/week.

If anyone has questions about FFTY I am happy to answer them on this post too.

Jeni Bean

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  1. If I lived in Santa Rosa, I'd join Tierra Vegetables' CSA, their produce is stellar.

    Some other CSAs in the area:

    Capay, Inc. (Farm Fresh To You / Capay Organics) is more of a produce delivery service than a CSA. If you look at their list for this week, the "regular" box includes citrus from Oceanside (San Diego County), apples and mushrooms from Washington, and lemons from Colorado. The "mostly fruit" box contains *nothing* from their farm and only one item from the Capay Valley. They have 4000sf of cold storage, a national wholesale operation, a retail store, and annual sales estimated at $1.2 million by Dun & Bradstreet.

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      They have even included product from as far as Mexico.

    2. I used Canvas Ranch last year. It wasn't a good fit for me (turns out I'm not a fan of as many vegetables as I should be), but I enjoyed the service, *loved* the eggs, and found it reliable and convenient. I wouldn't recommend getting their fruit, though - it was generally disappointing. If you're looking for local veggies, eggs & Della Fattoria bread, it's definitely one to look in to.

      1. Jeni, I haven't subscribed to the CSA's but am a fan of the produce from Laguna Farms, Orchard Farms, and Tierra Vegetables. You can stop by Tierra's farmstand in Santa Rosa to try it out before signing up. Orchard Farms can be found at the Santa Rosa saturday market this time of year. Laguna Farms is at the Sebastopol fm when it starts up for the seaon. Sometimes there's a waiting list for the Laguna Farms CSA. All three have great quality, and a lot of variety available even in winter. I hope someone out there can share CSA experience with these growers.

        1. I've tried the produce from First Light Farm in Sebastopol and found it exceptional. They're currently looking for CSA members.

          From their website (link below)
          Sign up now for ultra-fresh produce all winter!

          We deliver to central, downtown drop sites in:
          Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Petaluma, Windsor, Healdsburg.
          CSA boxes $20 weekly
          Serves a family of four or two vegetarians
          and includes eight to ten types of vegetables from the list below

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