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Mar 1, 2009 09:49 AM

Penzey's Has Arrived In Santa Monica

No more driving to their store in the South Bay - - Penzey's opened their Santa Monica location on Friday. It's at 1347 4th Street in Santa Monica. Monday through Saturday from 10 to 6, and Sunday 11 to 5. For those of you who have not tried their spices, go! You'll never again buy the little red can.

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  1. I like the ladies at the South Bay store, but it's great to see Penzey's finally open in SM. I notice from their Web site ( that they also have a branch in the Bay Area. It's a great place, so let's hope they keep expanding locally.

    1. Thanks for the post. I've been waiting!

      1. Good news. I recently purchased $200 in Penzey's spices. (Sadly though, some of the spices looked less fresh than those from my .99 cent store!)

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        1. re: Funwithfood

          WHOO HOO!!!
          Funwithfood-- take back anything that's not fresh or holding up. They had an issue with their shallot salt clumping, but I think that's fixed now. If anyone here is a baker, their double vanilla extract is super!

          1. re: compucook

            Agree about their customer service -- they are old-school. As long as you didn't use the whole container ("this cumin was terrible!" "then why did you use six ounces of it?") they'll usually make good on it.

            The double-strength vanilla takes some getting used to because you need to use half the amount. When you don't measure very exactly this takes getting used to -- imagine being a bartender for 20 years and then vodka doubles in proof suddenly! :)

            I may stop by next weekend since I'll be in the People's Republic helping friends move.

            1. re: compucook

              Not asking for a refund, I merely mentioned once that some spice or other hadn't lived up to my expectations, and the clerk insisted that I take a new container. (And I had neither the receipt nor the original jar with me to return.) By the way, every spice is sold in containers of various sizes, and they have big jars for you to open and smell before making your purchase.

          2. I LOVE Penzeys ! IMO their quality and freshness is unsurpassed and it's actually very good value for money.
            I wish they would open a shop in OC.