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Mar 1, 2009 09:43 AM

Mexican rice help

My ex wife didn't leave me with her Mexican rice recipe and I never paid attention to how she made it. All i know is she use a small can of El Pato tomato sauce and some onion, don't think she did much else. My plan was to saute the onion in some oil, then add the rice for a few minutes, then the elpato sauce and some water. Sound about right? Also have trouble with how much rice and water to use with an 8 oz can of El Pato.


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  1. Just about. Sounds pretty densely tomatoey but if that's the way you like it go for it.

    I sauté the onions -- I like a bit of bacon fat to do it. Then I put the rice in for a minute to coat it with fat. I just use a generous soupspoonful of salsa -- I like one with chile pieces in it -- and let everything sizzle in that. Then I use chicken broth as the liquid.

    The ratio you want is about 1 part rice and 3 parts liquid.

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      I saute some diced onion, celery, pasilla, carrots and potatoes. I add this to the rice which I cook in a mixture of unsalted tomato sauce and stock or water seasoned with paprika, oregano and cumin.

    2. Here's a recipe that will make a dry, fluffy Mexican restaurant style rice:

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        That's Cook's Illustrated's Mexican rice recipe. I've made it and it is excellent.

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          I'd love to try this -- does anyone know alternatives to the dutch oven? I don't have one. Would it work to use a pot stovetop then transfer to a baking container?

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            That should work ok. This is a forgiving recipe. Just make sure to rinse the rice to remove excess starch before cooking. This is the most important step.

      2. Thanks all, i ended up also adding a bit of cumin and garlic and tablespoon of lime juice. The flavor was just what I was looking for. But, I don't think I used the right rice, a med. grain white rice. What rice do you like to use for Mexican rice?

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        1. I like to use half tomato (El Pato is my favorite) and half beer. Although I got the idea from a Cuban friend.

          1. I like rotel tomatoes (mild) with some cumin and chili powder to my white rice. I like tomatoes but the plain sauce is too much for me. I also like some diced onion. That is my version