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Mar 1, 2009 09:42 AM

Jamaican curry blend: cardamom PODS?

Hi all,

I am making a goat curry and the recipe for Jamaican curry blend calls for 12 cardamom pods, which are dry roasted in a pan with several other spices and then ground up. I have never seen a recipe that calls for roasting and grinding the PODS (as opposed to the seeds inside them) before--have you? Do you use green or white cardamom pods? (Recipe does not specify.) And if white, does the cardboard-y outer part blend up in the spice grinder or do you just pull out the shards before you use the curry powder? I can experiment with this, of course, but thought one of you might already know the answer.


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  1. Lots of Indian food calls for the pods, i.e. cooked in a pot of rice. Don't know about Jamaican.

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      Yeah, I've made Indian curries with the whole pods-in fact, I often string them onto a thread with a needles so I can remove the string before I serve the food--I don't think anyone wants to bite down on a whole cardamom pod!

    2. I think white cardamom pods are actually green cardamom pods that have been bleached. So I buy the green.

      I usually roast and grind them whole, then sieve through a small strainer to remove any fibrous bits.

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        This is helpful--thanks! i had no idea the white ones were bleached. And if you have roasted and ground them whole, then strained, that''s pretty much the inspiration I needed.

      2. I have whole pods in my spice grinder. yes, they come out as shards, but you can eat doesn't bother me.

        1. Can you share your goat curry recipe? Been looking for one. Thank you.