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Mar 1, 2009 08:37 AM

Kosher dairy Sunday brunch wedding in NYC area


I just got engaged (yay) and have to pick a wedding location blind, from Israel (boo).

We are hoping to get married this summer on a Sunday with a dairy brunch. Our budget is very tight (preferably 75 a couple or less) so we need cheap places but I really would love suggestions of places other than shuls... are there any places commutable from NYC that anybody knows of with an outdoor garden or at least lots of windows to look out on anything? They would need to allow in an outside caterer or have a kosher kitchen.

I know I probably shouldn't have high hopes since we don't have much money but I thought I might as well try!

Thanks in advance for your help!


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  1. I would call a caterer and ask them for location suggestions. I recommend Hunki's of Plainview for both quality and price.

    1. You might want to try the restuarant at battery gardens in NYC - they do really nice smallish affairs. Ask for the catering manager and they will give you a list of kosher caterers they deal with. If Main Event in Nj is one of them - I've been to several affairs of theirs that were really very nice. I also think that in this economy - they will work with most budgets

      1. hi Kate- I've also been searching for alternative locations- ive been really taken with the idea of women's clubs- they are all over new york and new jersey and easy to get to. they rent for a two thousand bucks (compared to 100/person for a hotel).
        also, please dont have pizza at your wedding. Just to get your appetite going- check out manna and simply divine. perhaps they work with smaller budgets- i'm going to find out tomorrow myself! anyway good luck- and if you find a cool spot let me know!

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          With all due respect, Hunki's Pizza in Plainview does not cater pizza for weddings or other simchas. They offer high quality food at affordable prices. I have enjoyed their catering on quite a few occasions.

        2. Wow! I just checked the catering menu of Hunki and looks not only interesting but it fits the budget. Certainly it sticks to the tried and true "American-Jewish" typical fare, but I like that food. Not trying to start a controversy here, I am sure Manna is top of the crowd. Their opening web-page has a picture of Clinton and claims to have fed the cream of the crop of the rich and famous... $75 pp. doubt it. Check with local synagogues. Some of them might have a pretty venue for the affair, and Mazal Tov