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Mar 1, 2009 07:48 AM

Weekend in Yountville

Spending next weekend in Yountville with some old friends--places like Mustard's Grill and Hurley's have been recommended to us--any thoughts? Perhaps some places with nice outdoor seating? Views, etc?

Also, any recs for wineries? Last time I was there we went to St. Supery which was pretty great--I think we also went to Turnbull which was another nice experience.

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  1. Do a search on Yountville. Don Giovanni, very nearby in northern Napa, Bouchon (dine at the bar only), Bistro Jeanty (got a bad review in the SF Chronicle, but still strong in terms of local draw), and more. BTW, neither Mustards or Hurley's ranks high on my restaurant list. There's a new Italian spot called Bardessano that might be worth exploring. Very mixed reviews on Bottega. Do a search on all these resto names to get more opinions from other Chowhounds.

    Recent thread here on Yountville wineries:

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    1. re: maria lorraine

      ad hoc, redd, bistro jeanty ,bouchon

      1. re: rickym13

        Yes, yes. I forgot Redd and Ad Hoc. My brain must've been on re-charge.
        Thanks for the additions.

      2. re: maria lorraine

        What about Mustards and Hurleys rubbed you the wrong way? I've been to Bouchon and didn't love it--found it actually a bit bland in some regards.

        Has anyone been to Brix?

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            Bob Hurley is a great guy -- cooks OK food, but better can be found
            elsewhere for the same price. Only a few dishes at Bouchon are good,
            truly, and my posts have focused on those. Sit at the bar.

        1. Brix has a great new chef as of December. Check the Place record for reports and the website with the menu. It is sort of mid-way between French Laundry and Mustards though the city address is Napa.

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            Wolfe very graciously linked to several of your posts, above.