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Mar 1, 2009 07:31 AM

Grapenut ice cream in Lancaster area????

I have lived in Lancaster for over 10 years, and I still can't find any Grapenut ice cream. I grew up in Chambersburg and there are several ice cream places that make it (Igloo, Kenny's). But here it seems non-existent. I know that this is not the most popular flavor which may lend to it's "hard to find" status, but I was really hoping that I wouldn't have to limit my Grapenut indulgences to visits home. Does anyone have any ideas??

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  1. I have lived around lancaster for 50 years and never seen it. Not only that I have never even HEARD of it. Id this ice cream with grape nuts cereal? Sounds strange to me

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        Grape Nut ice cream is a New England regional flavor. I am native to Lancaster, and have never run into it there. Frankly, I'm surpised it can be found in Chambersburg

      2. I grew up in Lanc. and never heard of it. Some people have put Grape-Nuts on ice cream as a topping.

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          Hey Oneiron, happy belated birthday.

        2. Why I love Grapenut IceCream: It's a vanilla base with grapenuts mixed in before it freezes, not sprinkled on top later. It lends a nutty taste to the ice cream, and the grapenuts maintain their crunchy center. I love it, and especially love the ritual of going to small family owned ice cream stands, seeing the changes and knowing that my favorite flavors won't change. Currently I go to Coleman's for teaberry ice cream for the same experience, but wish I could add grapenut to the list of choices.

          1. I can get it as far East as Carlisle at Leo's but other than that I haven't seen it in Lancaster. Sorry.

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              I was at Carmen and Dave's Creamery in Lancaster this past Saturday evening, and they had Grapenut Icecream. I tried a sample, and thought it was very good. I've never had it before, so I can't compare it to other versions.


            2. This is in York, PA but well worth the trip! Sweet Willows Creamery - York, PA. They have a Tahitian vanilla grape nut frozen yogurt that tastes excellent. Very similar to the grape nut ice cream I fell in love with in Jamaica!