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Mar 1, 2009 07:14 AM

Frugal Fridays at Craft?

Just wondering if anyone has tried the Friday small plates deal at Kraft (bar)? If you get there early is it easier to get in and is it worth the descriptions of minor chaos?

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  1. My friend and her husband went on Friday night around 6:30 and were told there was a 1.5 hr wait, so they ate at CraftBar instead.

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      Thanks..thought that might be the case. Just realized the strength of corporate marketing...too many Kraft dinners in my past I guess.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I went in one of the first weeks that Frugal Friday started, and I thought it was very good. I got there around 6, and it was almost empty. It got pretty full by 7, though. When I left, there was a pretty big crowd waiting for tables. So earlier is definitely better. It's not going to be the best meal you've ever had, but it's definitely tasty and interesting. In my opinion, you could skip the meat on a stick part of the menu - it's kind of a rip off for the tiny amount of meat you get.

        A good idea is to just order a few dishes first then order more later in the meal, so that you get a steady stream of dishes, not everything at once.

        If it's still on the menu, the salt cod fritters are delicous. It was my favorite dish of the night. I also had a quail leg that was awesome.

        Warning: though everything is under $10, the plates are quite small, and it can add up to a pretty hefty tab.

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          fyi, frugal fridays is closed tonight, 3/6 for a private party.

          i went once in january and didnt enjoy it. i liked the setup and everyone was nice and i appreciate what theyre trying to do but the food plain stinks. the only decent dishes i had were the chicken wings with spanish cheese and the pizza with black cabbage. the rillettes were so oily and served nearly warm that they were pretty useless. the duck hearts were undercooked and thus ultra gamey.

          i think we had 2 glasses of wine each and with maybe 10 dishes between three people, the tab cost $50/head...i couldve gone to countless places with better food for the money.

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            Is Frugal Fridays still ongoing?

            1. re: jdross19

              I believe it's over. A call to the restaurant wouldn't hurt though.

              1. re: _emilie_

                its over...i guess they canceled it now that the recession is over and everything is great again.

        2. It['s over. I went during the last week, and was pretty unimpressed. 5 dollars for a skewer with one medium size shrimp? No thanks.