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Mar 1, 2009 06:30 AM

East end takeout/delivery ?

We're all sick in the house so we wanted to pick up something close by..
we dont feel like thai (spicy when sick is not great)... so either:
fish and chips
other good pub take out
anywhere with a good calzone/panzerotti (I dont know, Im just craving it)
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Pizzaville has great deep fried panzerotti.

    1. Depends how east you are! Columbos on Danforth near Coxwell is great.

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      1. re: Joshman

        But the OP asked for locations in the East end. Using the usual definition of "end", that would be somewhere near Meadowvale Rd, or at least much further east than Markham Rd.

        1. re: foodyDudey

          Or did they mean the "east end" of toronto proper not the east end of the GTA... which would mean Coxwell area is valid...

          1. re: OnDaGo

            The East end of the GTA includes Durham region, of which Oshawa is a part of.
            When referring to the East end before amalgamation, it is bordered by Woodbine and Victoria Park. I don't mean to be nitpicking, but I believe that "East end" is not the correct term for a large and vastly different area. For example, I live near Carlaw and Danforth and many people refer to that area as the East end. I have nothing against the east end, but I don't live there. I haven't heard anyone generalising the whole area West of Yonge as the West end, so why use that tern for the east? Here is a map of the former "East end".

            If people specified an area more accurately, it would be easier to suggest a store or restaurant when they ask. I would guess that hungreyabbey was NOT looking for a takeout place near Coxwell or Victoria Park when she started this thread. I also see people mentioning "near North York". Has anyone looked at the NY boundaries? It could easily be a 30 minute drive from one end to the other.

            1. re: foodyDudey

              Well rather than east of Yonge, I think a lot of people mean east of the valley, actually. Wrong side of the bridge. Etc. It's a term I have used since childhood in the Beaches (now I live at Jones and Danforth) and it works for me... I've referred to myself as an east end girl. And I do say west end to mean anything west of Bathurst pretty much to Mississauga so the generalization can happen on both sides.
              Now what I find confusing is that the news media has now decided to use "east end" to refer to the east end of the amalgamated city. I think they are trying to avoid referring to fromer Scarbourough, actually, and maybe for PC reasons.
              Just another perspective, not necessarily right or wrong.

          2. re: foodyDudey

            East end to most people means east of yonge basically all the way to scarborough.
            West end is west of (yonge? downtown? not sure) all the way to mississauga. they're very general terms referring to two quite large areas. I've heard people from many generations use this. Maybe it's not technically correct, but it's what people say.

        2. perfect! thanks guys.. I ended up getting some nice steaks at the store so I just cooked instead but now Ill know for the next time I get a craving.

          1. Loic Gourmet delivers as far as woodbine and danforth and if you don't mind a bit of finishing at home it's really tasty french comfort food. good portions for the price point and their menu changes daily. I've enjoyed it the couple of times I've ordered.


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            1. re: yoyodyne

              here's the link

              Loic Gourmet
              722 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

              1. re: yoyodyne

                dunno why that link didn't work.

                Loic Gourmet
                722 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

            2. Im sorry for being vague.. I live in riverdale.. so scarborough and north york would be too far..
              Beaches, Danforth, East York, Leslieville would all be great.