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Question about LG french door fridge

I have been looking at this LG fridge for awhile.


I noticed yesterday the gasket around the top doors kinda overlap and rub against each other when you open and close the doors. Was just wondering if anyone who have LG fridges have had trouble with the gaskets on the french doors yet? Thanks!

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  1. Don't know about that, but you might want to look at this!!

    1. We've had our LG french door/bottom freezer unit for 3 years now. Gaskets at doors have not been a problem and they continue to seal reasonably well. The unit's compressor has failed twice now (both times covered by warranty) but that doesn't pay for the loss of spoiled food, clean up or the inconvenience of doing without your main refrigerator for a week or more waiting on the replacement parts. Secondly, the outside SS door panels are not as strong as you would expect t hem to be. Our dog ran and slid into the freezer door chasing a ball; her imprint will be forever embedded in the too thin sheet metal. Finally, the insulation in the doors must be pretty thin because a bottle of juice stored in the main shelf is readily chilled down to 37 degrees (same as the refrigerator setting) while the same bottle stored on one of the door shelves only chills down to 44 degrees suggesting there is something warping the laws of physics or that there is a fair bit of heat loss/gain through the doors. To do it over, not sure we would ever go with a Korean import

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        1. Yes! My LG french door (stainless) fridge has serious gasket problems. It's less than a year old and the gasket on the right door (near the top) is badly torn and the left door gasket is also in bad shape. It seems the design is at fault. A service person is coming to replace the gaskets (presumably) next week but I am now wondering if it will only happen again...
          (after the warranty runs out).

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            do the kitchen=aid french door fridges have the same issues?

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              redgirl, we have a 3-year-old KitchenAid French door fridge and have had no problems.
              It took me some time to get used to the shelf configuration. Still, I cannot find enough room for tall bottles/pitchers. Also, I have to remember to push the doors closed; sometimes, they don't close completely without a very deliberate push. The mechanics of this piece, however, are working fine...to date.

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              I am having the same problem you described with the gaskets being torn. I got an extended warranty from Home Depot. When I called for service the phone representative said that the gaskets were not covered under the warranty. I insisted that they send a repair person out to look at it. He confirmed that LG was having problems with these gaskets. When I contacted LG they said that they have not been having any issues with their door gaskets. Of course they are lying. I sent them my serial number info and waiting to see what action they will take. I am interested to learn how other consumers are making out with this complaint. FOr now Im having a big problem with the door closing and I fear it will eventually lead to my food being ruined or some other mechanical failure with the cooling unit.
              LG is surely dragging their heels on this one. Doubt I will ever buy another LG appliance again, even though I already own three.

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                I have come to the conclusion that there isn't one French Door refrigerator that's worth a bag of beans. We have a 31/2 year old Maytag which has already cost us $800 in repairs, not including the service that we had a contract for. After contacting Whirlpool, who makes Maytag,they sent us a check for $300 and told me to let them know if there were any other problems. Since everything had been replaced, including the Mother Board, I can't imagine what is left to replace!!! Then again, all the parts that were replaced came from China!! LOL!!

            3. >>>
              I have come to the conclusion that there isn't one French Door refrigerator that's worth a bag of beans.

              We've had a GE Profile French door, bottom freezer fridge for a bit over 2 years and have had no problems with it. We got ours without an ice maker so that's one less thing to break or forget to maintain. We'd buy this one again in a heartbeat.

              My only gripe was it didn't have enough door shelves and an extra one cost almost $40.

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                At least we have enough door shelves!! LOL!

              2. I know this is an old post, but I just recently noticed that the gaskets on our LG french door fridge are ripped at the top corners. This is after a year and a few months. Disappointing to say the least, so be careful!

                1. We purchased our LG French Door in 2007. Gaskets worked beautifully. In 2009 needed replacement gaskets -- no problem. In March (2011) needed new gaskets; now these have been an ongoing problem. The doors stick; when opening one, both open; pressure when pulling doors open; when closing sometimes 1 remains slightly open but we don't know until we hear the alarm sounding. Are these defective gaskets? I wonder . . . had 2 different companies send technician. First originally replaced gasket; said all was fine. Second said they were in need of replacement. But his company would not consider replacement; said this was normal -- but we know it is not ! Has anyone else had this gasket problem?

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                    I have the same problem with the doors sticking -- both doors open at the same time which is very annoying. I bought mine at Sears under the Kenmore name not realizing it was made by LG. So I just paid for a one year contract (about $235) and they are coming out next week hopefully to fix it. There was also a problem with mine with the light bulbs melting the plastic cover -- I had to replace them with less wattage bulbs - and they need to fix that too.

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                      Yes, there are several annoying things about the LG (both doors open at the same time, neither door closes on its own (you have to physically shut it, the ice maker is much too small, the door gaskets don't hold up, the light is in the wrong place to put some things easily onto the top shelf, the ice maker doesn't switch smoothly from cubed to chips w/o mixing the two types. I like the bottom freezer and find it much easier to use than a side-by-side, and I like being able to see everything at once, but that's about it. Not enough to make me happy with this expensive LG refrigerator.

                  2. Yes I am having a lot of trouble with the gaskets AND I'm having mega trouble getting service. I don't live in a city and I've spent two hours trying to find someone to replace my gaskets. Also, I would not recommend buying this refrigerator as the ice maker is a pain and doesn't make very much ice at one time. I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but I made a big mistake buying this one. LG recommends repair people who, when you call them, say they don't work on LG appliances. As of yet, I've found no one who is willing to do it. More later.....

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                      Well, 2 years later and my solution to the gasket problem was clear packing tape (lol). Sounds ghetto, and it is laughable, but it prevented the gaskets from ripping any further than the inch or so, and I don't even notice it anymore. Now I fear that the same thing may be starting on the bottom corner of the doors as well. In a way, I'm starting to no longer care. We will use the thing until it dies, which in today's disposable world could be soon, and then go with a different brand or completely different style altogether.

                      1. re: Buffalo Pal

                        Good idea! I wish I had thought of that before mine got so bad. Anyway, I did finally find someone to replace the gaskets--$175 for labor and gaskets. Totally too much, but what can you do except never buy that brand again. Good luck with yours!

                        1. re: rowenap

                          Bad News! The gaskets will likely rip off again, eventually. My first replacement was in July 2010. About a year later they started ripping off again. Like Buffalo Pal I just took matters into my own hands and used painters' blue tape to attach them tight to the side so they wouldn't get ripped further each time the door is used. It looks ridiculous and serves a constant reminder what a piece of junk this appliance is. I have to agree with other writers that the metal exterior is way too thin and the insulation is way too weak. Not sure how to make LG aware how disappointing their product is....do they have anyone read the trash talk on t he web? They seem to deny the information conveyed in the repeated requests for repairs....

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                            Good idea with the blue painter's tape mdatwyler! I was considering it, but thought it might not be sticky enough. As for rowenap, just be mindful of that tension each time you open the doors because as you know, once it starts, it will only get worse. I would consider the tape at the first sign of rubbing. Good luck and glad you were able to get it repaired!

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                              you need to start a facebook page about how lousy the fridges are!

                      2. Avoid LG products.....They are hit and miss....with poor repair/customer service.

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                          I agree Bob LG stinks -- but mine is in good condition other than the doors open at the same time and the cover over the light bulb melted...It is nice looking and I hope it will last at least five more years (it is six years old now). Serviceman is coming Monday. See what happens.

                        2. I have an LG french door...the gaskets on BOTH doors have shredded, and it's only 3 yrs old! I just sent them an email asking if I could replace them for a single door. That should be interesting...

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                            I had Sears replace both of mine. I watched them and it was not that difficult to do. there is even a you tube video for the LG french door refrigerator gasket replacement. I would suggest if you know anyone a little handy to go to the Sears parts website, get the diagram of your model, and buy them and replace them yourself if you don't get satisfaction from Sears. I think they're about $75 each if I'm not mistaken. The thing I would be concerned with is why they are shredding. Sounds like the doors are not aligned properly. I would check that out first. Good luck!! let us know what happens.

                            1. re: lindapalmbay

                              Sears installed it, so I ASSUMED it was installed correctly. I'll get the new gaskets, and I'll tape them down! Got a reply back just a while ago from LG..can't replace the french with a single. Have to change the gaskets. But I wanna know WHY NOT?? It's all a damn gimmick.

                            2. re: betsyjo1

                              Since this thread has been revived... my LG French door is still going strong, with no problems for 8 years.

                            3. my gasket is coming apart but due to problems I have to get a pro to fix gasket

                              1. I've had this refrigerator (model LFC23760SW) French doors freezer on the bottom for about 4 years. I like the design of the fridge except for one reoccurring problem. I have had to replace the door gaskets 3 times in four years. Not only is this very annoying but it is costly. The issue is when the doors (left and right) come together to make a seal the left door gasket pull away from the door and tears. This is the same issue over and over. Clearly this is a design flaw. I just recently (within 3 weeks) replaced the door gaskets and the door gasket on the left has already begin to pull away from the door. I know I can't be the only person having this issue and I was hoping the LG company has come up with a fix for this problem. Their reply to my inquiry was brief and simple, no fixes reported to customer care were available have a nice day. I would highly suggest everyone stay away from this model and others like it. I'm staying away from LG products period.

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                                  If it weren't for the fact that I get emails when people post, I probably wouldn't reply to this old post, but it's me again! Should change my user name to Ghetto Girl, because my "ghetto" solution (pictures posted above) is still going strong! That's right, the tape has been steadfast and working like a champ. Aside from that gasket issue, the fridge is still performing well after 5 years.

                                  My sister has the same fridge (only in white and larger capacity), and I just recently asked her how her gaskets were holding up. After about 4 years, hers have remained problem free, so there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to this issue. You either luck out or you don't. Personally, I cannot imagine having these replaced yearly.

                                  I guess I just don't care anymore, nor do I even notice the tape. Besides that, we plan to do a kitchen remodel in the near future, and I know we will be replacing this anyway. It's too bad because aside from the gaskets, I have been happy with this refrigerator.

                                  Best to all of you and your gasket woes.

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                                    I have a Sears Kenmore bought in 2012 (795.71023.010) and I had to replace the freezer side door gasket (followed you tube video 1 month after warranty), Now the right side needs to be replaced. If you check other newer models there is a flap that opens and closes to seal the gap between the doors. My model has no such flap! Clearly a design flaw! Gaskets are @$40 at Sears Parts direct. We will not be buying another Sears product.

                                    1. re: gasketguy

                                      My 10-yr-old LG has no such flap and it's gaskets still seal well. I don't think this is a problem inherent to FD reefers in general, just some models.

                                  2. LG stands for Lucky Goldstar. Definitely not Life's Good. They have horrible customer service which I experienced with one of their TVs. I'll never buy another LG product that plugs in. They make a nice toothpaste that I buy at HMart, but avoid their electronics and appliances.