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Mar 1, 2009 05:43 AM

A Katz's disappointment

I have been going to Katz's every few months for a good number of years. I can recall when the salamis were hanging over our heads. Each time I (or a friend) would put a dollar or two into the cup and ask for fatty or soft pastrami, etc. Usually I eat the pastrami without the bread and without any mustard, just one piece of meat after another, and usually with cream soda. This time, last Wednesday at 6PM or so, the slicer picked out one piece of pastrami, gave me a sample, sliced it up, was not satisfied with it (though I did not say anything) and went back to get another piece to slice up. The resulting sandwich was a disappointment--for the first time ever. The meat did not have the usual peppery, meaty flavor. It had a somewhat metallic overtone. And it lacked the fattiness, the softness. I wondered if they were curing it differently. I just hope that this was an aberration. I ended up putting mustard on the meat.

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  1. If you're given a sample and don't like it, and you don't say anything, it's solely and completely your fault that the sandwich isn't to your satisfaction. I always ask for a tasty, juicy sandwich. I've sometimes requested a different slab to be used for my sandwich, always with specific comments to the slicer on what I don't fully like about the sample he gave me, and I've never been disappointed by the result. And the key point: When I have sent a sample back, I was always given a sample of the second slab, too. You weren't? What accounts for your not speaking up? This is New York, man! Speak up! Sorry, I'm not sympathetic.

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      Agreed. You need to speak up and let them know. Otherwise who will tell them? I always request a new slab and always make sure it's fatty, moist, buttery etc. Hate when they try to use slabs that have already been used. Your experience appears to be an aberration- I've never had pastrami there that wasn't top notch. Close to a sandwich per month over the last 5 or so years- always as enjoyable as the last.

      Next time look for the older white dude with white hair- tip him early and he'll take care of you.

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        I like the middle-aged Hispanic cutter, too. But really, I've had good experiences with every cutter who's served me, young and old.

    2. Must have been an off day or something. Was there this morning - nice fat, good pepper. Like butter.

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        i was there last wed, first time in a long time, and it was fantastic. got a sample from a youngish hispanic cutter, and tipped him US$2. excellent. much better than the corned beef.