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Mar 1, 2009 04:54 AM

Headed to Peoria/Scottsdale

We are loading up the family and headed to Peoria/Scottsdale next week for Spring Break.
Our 2 daughters are game for anything -they are 12 and 7 so we don't need to be seated next to the family with high chairs and crayons flying...
are there some places around the area that won't break the bank but won't lead me to a TGI Friday's!?!
A good combo of places would be great-keep in mind momma needs a cocktail in the evening-it is Spring Break after all!

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  1. Peoria and Scottsdale are two suburbs in different parts of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Are you going to be splitting your time between the two different cities? If so, which part of each suburb? Are you looking for places in each community or places in between them? This board sees a lot of "Phoenix / Scottsdale" inquiries, but "Peoria / Scottsdale" is a new one.

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      For the most part we will be in Peoria. Thanks!