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milk in glass bottles

Looking for old-school 1 ltr glass bottles perhaps Hewitt's Dairy or Harmony Organic.
(pretty much just want the bottle!

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  1. am pretty sure i've seen them at Highland Farms (Ellesmere/Kennedy)

    1. you can buy harmony organic in glass bottles at a ton of grocery stores. fiesta farms (christie/dupont area) is one i know for sure carries it.

      1. All most any health food store.

        1. Fresh from the Farm on Donlands

          1. I've seen glass milk bottles (not sure of the brand) at Whole Foods and the health food store in Kensington.


            1. I get mine every week from Green Earth Organics. Of course, they expect to get them back at the end of every week when they bring the next delivery. Noah's at Yonge & Eglinton usually has them as does Whole Foods down on Avenue Rd.

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                Fresh from the Farm sells Harmony Milk in Glass Bottles but you pay a deposit for the bottles.


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                  Same with Green Earth Organics re the deposit.

              2. Try ebay if you're just looking for the bottle - they have lots of old ones listed on there.

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                  no idea where you live -- But Starsky on Dundas and 427 sells milk in the glass bottles as well

                2. Harmony Milk is available at the Organic Food store in Kensington. North East corner of Augusta and Baldwin.

                  1. The Sweet Potato.

                    Sweet Potato
                    2995 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P, CA

                    1. Me too! I want to get a couple of 1 litre (or more) glass milk bottles. Did you ever find them? if so, from where? I found a great site, but of course it's in the US.

                      1. I sort of gave up on my quest for cool vintage style glass milk and cream bottles with caps and just bought the Harmony milk in two sizes. $2 each for the deposit to re-use with other dairy and non-dairy beverages beats the cost of ordering specialty bottles online and satisfies my need for now. If I find some in the GTA I will re-post.