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Feb 28, 2009 11:12 PM

Las Vegas recs near the Hard Rock?


We're going to Vegas to see a concert at the Hard Rock and are interested in some recs for dinner close by (walking distance). I did a search, but it sounds like many of the previous restaurants at the Hard Rock have closed or been replaced. Any price range is OK, not interested in alcohol. I heard there was a good ramen/sushi place nearby? Mostly just interested in good chow, thanks for any recs!

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  1. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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    1. re: Michelle

      For good and cheap go to ellis Island for BBQ after 4:30. Join their player club. Get Chicken and rib combo, comes with corn, slaw, bread, beans. Cost $9. They have home brew beer and root beer.

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        michelle - sorry for the late response - missed your initial post - there is a decent ramen place to the west of Hard Rock ( across on harmon ) - kaigenro - though i admit, haven't been there since last summer ( a good sign - most of the patrons were japanese ) - i believe there is a hamburger place in the same shopping center - the name escapes me

        then across on paradise there are several restaurants - kaizen ( sushi ) , a ny pizza place, in-n-out , etc

        the restaurants in the Hard Rock are decent - the coffee shop, pink taco, nobu , ago ( only been to the Los Angeles location - they make some decent pasta ) , etc

        Happy Eating !

      2. The hamburger place (Hamburger Mary's - was a gay bar/hamburger joint) is no longer open. Across the street from the Hard Rock is a great Indian restaurant - Origin India. It's a little pricy but very good food. Just to the North of the Hard Rock is a P.F. Chang's. The cafe in the Hard Rock (Lucky's?) has good food but is likely to be busy. Enjoy your show.

        1. There's also Hoffbrau Haus, kitty-corner from the Hard Rock. A noisy German party-place, expensive but I enjoy the food there. Something different in Vegas, I gotta say. Sushi Yokohama Kaigenro is a fave of mine. Open till 2am most nights, it's got a mix of everything Japanese, and they do a great ramen. I've heard nothing but RAVES about Origin India, both the food and decor is top-notch.

          I think you have plenty of great eats on that 4-corners!

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            I second the nomination for Origin India....just ate there about a week ago and had a very nice dinner. Also great service and a full bar.

          2. The only restaurant that has changed in recent years is Simon's which was replaced by Ago, an Italian restaurant. Pink Taco, Nobu, and Mr. Lucky's. A.J.'s Steakhouse did close recently, though.

            Nobu is a sushi place and I like the Pink Taco (Mexican).