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Feb 28, 2009 10:30 PM


I am planning a trip to Spain Mar 21-28 including Barcelona. I am very interested in partaking in a calcotada. I know this is a seasonal event and am not sure if late March is the time for calcots. Also, is this something I can arrange on my own or should I go through a tour group? Any suggestions or recs or experiences would be greatly appreciated. Gracias!

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  1. You'll be getting in on the tail end of the season but should be able to easily find a calçotada. The capital of the calçot is Valls, and there are lots of restaurants participating in the region-wide celebration (which had its big day last week). I'd get in touch with one like this:

    ...(their email address is on the site) and ask when it officially ends.

    Right now there calçots are everywhere here in Barcelona, but I'm not sure the season lasts as long as it does in Valls and Alt Camp.

    For closer to Barcelona, I found this place:

    ...but there are literally hundreds of places doing calçots all over Catalunya. If you are a fairly autonomous traveller