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Feb 28, 2009 10:21 PM

early lunch near Circular Quay?

My relatives are staying near Circular Quay - I am looking for suggestions for a weekday late breakfast or early lunch. Would like a place we could sit and chat for awhile.

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  1. price range? cuisine? occasion?
    You could go from cafe scenario, opera bar would be nice and relaxed if food isn't your primary concern. Likewise the bar under customs house, or next door to that is young alfred
    ( pizza cafe from the originaln alberts on oxford street team.
    The overseas passenger terminal on the western side of the Quay is full of swanky places, but avoid Doyles as it's not great; it's not even good. Further around in MCA cafe and then of course, options in the rocks including Sailors' Thai (which gets a surprising number of mentions in here considering David Thompson left years ago) and Lorn Nelson (pub).

    Being Circular Quay you're going to pay more for the occasion.

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    1. re: kmh

      price range medium, cuisine-sandwiches, maybe breakfast things. I think maybe the customs house will work. good espresso would be nice. I think Sailor Thai won't be open at 1030 am.

      1. re: debbieann

        Definitely avoid Doyle's (now called Peter Doyle @ the quay). Also, i would avoid the Rocks. Young Alfred (corner of Young and Alfreds St) under Customs house is probably one of the best breakfast spots in the city. Definitely my first pick.

        1. re: brunelleschi

          I think young alfred would be convivial enough and moderately enough priced
          1030am isn't really lunchtime so you need to focus on all day cafes, etc.

    2. Sailor Thai's is so good..Lord Nelson's Brewery in the rocks is lovely too..
      Opera bar is another good option.