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Feb 28, 2009 08:38 PM

Gluten-free Bakeries, Restaurants in Orange County

Dear friends, we just found out that my son might have celiac disease, i.e. he can't eat food that has gluten, wheat, barley. This would include breads, pizza and most of baking foods. Are there any bakeries, restaurants, pizza places that sells gluten-free foods in Orange County ? If the place offer great foods, we might be willing to go to LA, SB or Riverside. Thank you.

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  1. Try Avanti vegetarian cafe in Costa Mesa on 17th. Also, Wholefoods, Mothers Market and Sprouts have a lot of choices.

    1. One very informative source is the support groups of, I think it is called the celiac foundation or something like that. I am on an email list for my local group (my sister was at NIH in the 1970s when they were first figuring this out, and one of the first people to be diagnosed). They talk about everything from the local stores and restaurants, to stuff you can have shipped to make/eat at home, and events at places like Whole Foods. I highly recommend hooking up with them even if you don't want to attend events/meetings (e.g. they often have meal gatherings at restaurants that cater to GF, or stores promoting specialized products), they have great updated information in the e-mailings about more specialized products.
      Trader Joes and Whole Foods have a lot of offerings, but I am beginning to notice more and more products at the national grocery chains too. I think they even publish a list of the larger chain restaurants that have a gluten free menu.

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