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Feb 28, 2009 06:14 PM

Gnocci, how to describe it to someone who's never tried it?

We went to a very nice French restaurant last night, and one of the entrees was gnocci, however they'd run out.

I've been trying to describe gnocci to my SO, and he's convinced that it'd be soggy or mushy. I'm having trouble trying to describe it better.

Does anyone have a good way to explain gnocci to someone who hasn't tried it?

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  1. When done well I always describe them as fluffy light pillows of flavor.. Sorry, I know that's sounds corny, but it works for me.

      1. re: Leonardo

        Ummm, we're talking about a French-Canadian Mainer - I don't think he's had kreplach!

        Sorry I wasn't more clear about that in my OP.

        1. re: Leonardo


          kreplach are in teh ravioli school - pasta stuffed with meat

          how is gnocchi anything like that?

        2. Gnocci - the very best fluffy but someone dense (this is the problem with describing gnocci!), rich, buttery mashed potatoes with a slightest texture of skin (toothniess) - a structure around the richness. One restaurant I know makes theirs in the ref to keep the butter from melting (and it is almost too rich!). And then they cover them with the things you'd want in mashed potatoes or a rich baked potato - a red sauce, a sage butter, or just oil/butter/garlic.

          1. Given that it's the French iteration, how about "dough balls"?

            Or, the European savory cousin of Taiwanese boba? :-)

            1. Just make him try them!

              THEN he'll see...