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Feb 28, 2009 05:46 PM

Central Jersey Indian

I am taking some friends out for Indian food and would like a place with atmosphere as well as good food. I was thinking about Akbar or Indigo. I haven't been to Moghul lately, but read on site that reviews places on Oak Tree Road that it has gone down hill. I have had some excellent meals at ispice near Aaron Road, but was looking for someplace with more atmosphere for this meal. Any ideas?

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  1. Palace of Asia in Lawrenceville gets lots of raves. Check out the virtual tours on their website for their more upscale atmosphere:

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      I second Palace of Asia, it's so misleading on the outside...when you get inside it's huge w/an impressive atmosphere! I have Indian clients and they always want to go to this place (it's close for us too). Sometimes they have someone playing a citar and the food is great! I love their korma!

    2. My choice is Spice Melange in Metuchen

      1. Gabbeh, there are many discussions on the board about Indian restaurants in central Jersey. Here's a link to a thread I started over a year ago. It is by no means complete because I specifically asked about places that are not in Edison. Let us know where you end up and what your experience is.