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Feb 28, 2009 05:43 PM

Brattleboro VT experts please help

So for our NH VT staycation I've decided to spend a day in Brattleboro.

I read an old post recently revived about eats off I-91 in VT and MA. There were some Brattleboro recs and I just today had to drive from NH to Mass via Brattleboro and stopped for dinner at Shin La. I was pleasantly surprised at the Korean offerings! The homemade spicy radish kimchi was amazing, the veggie Korean pancakes were fantastic. The jap chae noodles wasn't the best I've ever had, but it was tasty.
I hadn't been to Brattleboro in years, so I walked through part of Main St and side streets and it's really nice -lots of eateries, shops, bookstores etc. I could use some expert advice before we spend the day there eating and hanging out.

Where should we not miss eating for lunch and dinner, within about 30 min drive radius of Brattleboro? Anything from a country store, to an Inn, diner, Japanese etc. that's special and your favorite. Thanks

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  1. For dinner, definitely try Peter Havens, one of the best places in the area.
    For lunch you could also try Anon on Fairground Road, it's a family run Thai restuarant.
    The new Vegatarian place on Canal Street has gotten some good reviews on this board and there is always the Brattleboro Coop which always has tasy dishes.
    Hope this helps - all of these are in Brattleboro.

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      Oh, I looked up the Vegetarian Paradise, it sounds great - something different for NH!
      I didn't know the Coop had a cafe, can you eat there?
      What kind of food and atmosphere is Peter Havens, what are your favorite dishes there?
      Thanks for all the info, these are places I didn't know about.

    2. I would suggest stopping in at Amy's Bakery Cafe on Main Street for lunch. They (as the name suggests) have delicious baked goods at any time of the day (breads, scones, muffins, any variety of sweets - VERY good). They also have delicious soups made with fresh ingredients, yummy salads, and sandwiches made with their fresh, amazing bread. I would consider Amy's a don't miss, even if you are just picking some things up for the road!

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        thanks for the tip, I will never pass up good homemade soup! Are they open for breakfast if we got there around 10am? Then a late lunch, wander the bookstores, a late dinner, head home.... :)

      2. Another good place to go is Newfane Cafe and Creamery on RT 30. Good homemade/hand cut French Fries. I had yummy homemade potato leek soup today and I highly recommend the gelato which they also make on premises. I live and work in Bratt so one place I like to grab a quick sandwich is from R&B Deli in the Harmony parking lot. Panda North is the place to go for Chinese/Japanese food in Bratt. It is located on RT 5 heading north to Putney. As for the Co-op- yes you can eat there, there is also a Co-op in Putney where you can also eat. I love the Putney Co-op's clam chowder. If you go the Brattleboro Food Co-op and they have mushroom soup grab a bowl!

        1. There is always the Chelsea Royal Diner in West Brattlebor on Rt. 9. For a good ale, try McNeils. The Coop does have outstanding vegetarian dishes.