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Feb 28, 2009 05:24 PM

Delicious Thai in Tuckahoe

My husband and I have just returned from dinner at Tangerine Thai. We are so excited to have finally found a good Thai restaurant in Westchester after so many disappointments. This is the former Garlic & Pepper which I'd never been to so I won't compare. The food had a very traditional home cooked feel. It has a solid menu and a very gracious staff.

The papaya salad and green curry were especially good. A pleasant amount of heat, not overwhelming. Can't wait to go back!

Tangerine Thai
90 Yonkers Ave.
Tuckahoe, NY 10707

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  1. My spouse was always ambivalent about Thai food. I dragged him here, and he just loved it, and so did I. I thought the selection was good. This was a while ago, actually. We had a mixed appetizer platter that was sensational, a shrimp dish, and larb (my "go to" dish). Loved it all. I second the recommendation!

    1. I'm glad to hear the place was good. I must admit, I like Garlic and Pepper but the last time I was there, I walked in an a man was sleeping on the floor and the bartender said "you can have a seat in the back, but we're renovating." I walked out despite liking their food alot. I guess I draw the line at someone sleeping on the floor.

      Is this place under new management? And more importantly, was anyone there? I was at G&P about three times and each time the food was excellent, but the place was dead.

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          I'm not sure if the management has changed since it's my first time there. I never got to eat there when it was G&P. There was a party going on at the bar which made it pretty festive. The dining room was fairly quiet but not empty. I plan to go again soon. I definitely want them to stay open!

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          1. Tangerine Thai is a new favorite of mine. I cannot figure out why food critics are not reviewing it. It seems like Tangerine Thai is being given the cold shoulder.

            This restaurant is charming with gracious service. The food is marvelous! I found a curry puff appetizer which I cannot stop ordering. It is simply delectable. I return time and time again to the spicy basil dishes. There is a dessert with pumpkin which has me wondering how it can be so delicious.

            I like this place so much that I went there for my birthday and New Years Eve. Sharing appetizers and dinners makes the final bill a good deal. And yes, there is alcohol.

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              Gym coach...any other dish recommendations?