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Feb 28, 2009 04:32 PM

She takes the cake..

I stumbled across this cozy little place, last week...
its called "she takes the cake" , located on dundas st. west.
Naturally I had to try a few things...i.e lemon tart and a dulce leche pastry.
The owner was lovely, the place is charming and as for the pastry....lets
just say, I had to open the box to sample it on the way home. LOL.
I will be back..thats for sure.
Has anyone else tried her pastries before? any other suggestions?...

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  1. I've tried many things there, my favourite being this yummy chocolate cake that looks like a small dome. Very moist and almost fudgy in flavour, but not overwhelmingly so. I also tried and like the dulce leche and a few other things including this amazing pineapple square thing. She likes to experiment so there's always something new to try. Most things are good, some much better than others. There have been times where the texture has been too dry, or not enough flavour, but these were rare occasions. I also second your point about lovely owner and staff.

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    1. re: LTL

      The chocolate dome thing is called a bouchon and hers are out of this world!

    2. I'm glad someone wrote this. I keep meaning to post about her. She's awesome and I adore her stuff. The dule leche cheesecake is award-winning calibre. A box of those to take to a dinner party or for your own tea party and you're set. She deserves to be as famous at Dufflet.

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      1. re: zoe3654

        I hope she opens on Sundays in the spring. Im eager to return to try other amazing goodies. i.e that pineapple square thing that LTL mentioned.

      2. I have been hearing great things about this cozy bake shop. I finally got in yesterday and sampled a variety of things. I have to say I was very disappointed with everything I purchased, with the exception of the lemon square which was excellent. The items I selected all seemed to be quite stale, or at the very least incredibly dry. My friend sampled the flourless chocolate cake though, and she thought it was amazing. I was hoping for an alternative to Dufflet's but, at least for now, I'll definitely be sticking with Dufflet's.

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        1. re: poppygirl

          Sorry, to hear you too had a bad experience.

          It was my nieces 2nd birthday and her mother instead on having a `Dora Cake`. They went to `She takes the Cake`placed the order with the owner. It was suppose to be`fondant` big enough to feed 20 people. When, my sister picked up the cake she was shocked. The cake was tiny, no fondant , stale, dry with no flavor and they still charged `$175.00 . My sister called the owner to see what happened with her cake and was in disbelief with the lack of customer service and professionalism.

          I total agree with you `buyer beware``

          1. re: belaprecious

            I was sorry to read about what She Takes the Cake did to your niece's birthday cake. This bakery also screwed up my daughter's second birthday cake. I ordered chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and raspberry filling. I got a vanilla cake with raspberry icing. We agreed on piped flowers. I got squiggles and some yellow circles. It looked like a bad home economics project. The shop's AC was broken, so the icing was already melting when it was handed to us. We had to cover up the damage with fruit. For 125 dollars, I expect a better experience.

            One of the most stressful customer service experiences I've ever had. The owner could never, ever get anything about my order right--even after I summarized everything in point form for her.

            When I called to confirm the pick-up the day before, the owner seemed to have forgotten about my order. She made me come early because her staff wanted to take an early weekend. The cake ended up being late anyway.

            I don't know why it got so much hype. Maybe Torontonians should demand better, so businesses like this don't thrive.

        2. I agree that the baked goods at STTC are totally delish.

          However, the owner is not as "lovely" as she seems -- at least not if you're doing business with her. I placed a major order with her (my wedding cake, actually) and the order got completely screwed up -- half of it was never delivered, so we didn't have enough cake to feed our guests (and it was meant to be the actual dessert for them, which I had emphasized to her repeatedly). To add insult to injury, when I called to complainshe professed to be incredibly sorry and promised to return our money yet, to this day (over six months later), I have yet to see a single penny returned to me.

          She may be a good baker, but she needs to hire a manager or learn to run her business better. Until then, buyer beware if you're placing a special order...

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          1. re: torontofoodiegirl

            Have you followed up with her with regard to the promised money?

            1. re: LTL

              I have but, to be frank, I finally gave up.

          2. I just read about this place in the Sun yesterday.